Sustainable Design: Furniture Stuffed With Human Hair

By Jacob Kleinman June 15, 2012 11:50 AM EDT
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Ola Giertz has created two large cushions using only discarded objects. Two types of discarded objects to be exact: recycled plastic bottles for the casing and swept up human hair for the stuffing. The cushions, which she calls "Poufs" are used a chairs and look pretty comfortable.

The Studio Västra Sandgatan, a hair salon in Helsinborg, Sweden commissioned Giertz to complete what is officially called the "Bare Hair Project," and the pieces will go on display an exhibition about hair at the Nordiska Museet museum of cultural history in Stockholm this Fall.

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Jacob Kleinman: What was your inspiration for the Bare Hair Project?

Ola Giertz: The inspiration for the Bare Hair Project was all the waste with hair that you can see in different hair-studios. Everyday the throw away a big amount of hair, and this inspired me to do something with all this waste. At the same time I was working with the interior at Studio Västra sandgatan, a hair studio in Sweden. Now it became obvious for me to create furniture from all the hair from the costumers. The poufs are today used as a part of the interior in the Studio Västra Sandgatan Studio, where the costumers now can sit in their on hair.

JK: Does the project have an environmental or conservationist message?

OG: The project have a environmental message in that way that we always should think in new directions concerning recycling, and I want inspire people and show them different ways to use old, ugly things and make something new, nice out of them. The poufs main point was to start a discussion, and there are always a big discussion when some people think it´s genius, and some think it´s just gross. The discussion has now started and in that sense the poufs have filled it´s purpose.

JK: Do you have any plans to make and sell more copies of this piece?

OG: Im not selling more copies of the poufs, but is there any company that are interested to produce the poufs I would say yes. Plastic poufs wich you can stuff with whatever you want, hair, old newspapers, old clothes.. I think that would be an good idea. Now people can use their own stuff that otherwise had been thrown away, and create furniture from it instead.

  • 3 pictures

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