If you think that Nicki Minaj and Farrah Abraham feud is over, you are probably wrong! On Monday, the daughter of the "Teen Mom OG" star sent a message to the Grammy nominated rapper via a Snapchat video on her own Twitter account.

"Hi, everybody!" 6-year-old Sophia stated in the short clip. "Nicki Minaj is a total loser." Aside from that, there are also words saying "Nicki Minaj Don't say bad WORDS , I don't," written across it.

Sophia's short clip marked another jab from Farrah to Nicki after the two engaged in an online dispute after the "Super Bass" hitmaker said that the reality star was being a "c--t" to her mother, Debra Danielsen, while watching reruns of "Teen Mom OG." After that, the two had several nasty tweets to each other with the 33-year-old musician mocking the 24-year-old star's time in the porn industry.

Farrah opened up about the feud on Monday and said that it has totally changed her parenting rules. "I'm no longer allowing Sophia to watch Nicki Minaj videos," the MTV star told Us Weekly at that time. "I've already had a consistent battle with Sophia [over the videos]. It's inappropriate to imitate Nicki Minaj dance moves. Sophia wanted to meet Nicki Minaj to ask if her butt was real and how she can get a big butt. It's gotten out of control."

However, fans were surprised when Farrah's mother, Debra, seemed to like Nicki even after the spat between the "Anaconda" singer and her daughter. She even posted a tweet to the rapper from the Mom & Me Foods' handle.

"@ddanielsen @F1abraham @SophiaLAbraham We love you @NICKIMINAJ! Sophia loves signing [sic] to your videos and loves your style! xoxo," the said tweet read. Farrah then took a screenshot of the said tweet and texted to Debra about it. As a matter of fact, she even posted screegrabs of their conversation on Twitter.

 "Did you write this," Farrah texted Debra. "? Asked you a question."

"Yes. I did. I want her to know we are not fighting. We have no need to act ghetto baby. We are above that," Debra answered. "Stop your s--- on Facebook," Farrah answered back.