After the success of their Christmas special, fans of the detective stories, "Sherlock," are now anticipating the upcoming season.  However, in spite of the planned filming this 2016, it has recently been said that scripts are not ready yet.

Rupert Graves told Collider some hints about the blossoming romance of his character, Inspector G. Lestrade, with Molly Hooper, played by Louise Brealey. "I think definitely Lestrade has got the hots for Molly. So maybe they'll develop that," he said as he was promoting his other upcoming drama series, "The Family" on ABC.

But the 52-year-old actor cleared that he's not sure of the next happenings as he disclosed that they haven't seen the screenplay yet. "We don't know what happens until we see the scripts, and that could literally be a couple of weeks before you film."

Collider added that the recently released "Sherlock" special on New Year, "The Abominable Bride," had the same ending with Season 3. It has teased that Professor James Moriarty as Sherlock, the role of no other than Benedict Cumberbatch, was trying to dig the mess he had left.

Furthermore, it was evidently seen that most of the characters tried their best to deliver the other side of themselves. But on the contrary, Lestrade acted just like the same, and fans were quite upset that they haven't seen him bring more of the Victorian inspector out of him.

Meanwhile, International Design Times added that in the previous season of the British drama series, they said Holmes has another brother that they will be revealing soon. Reports started to emerge that Tom Hiddleston will take the role of the third sibling.

According to Crossmap, news have surfaced when a Q&A by the showrunner started online and the speculations rose since then. However, Mark Gatiss, who played as Mycroft Holmes, was trying his best not to spill anything about the "Thor" star's character being added on the upcoming fourth season.