The release of "Star Wars: Battlefront" in November coincided with the return of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" launch in December. And as the fans celebrated, they also supported the video game that already sold 12 million copies and will have numerous updates.

According to Parent Herald, news have emerged that a new DLC update will be coming soon to the first-and third-person shooter game. Fans are now thinking what kind of new features will it include in the upcoming upgrade.

However, in spite of being sought after, there are some critics that are not impressed with what "Star Wars: Battlefront" has to offer. Although many enjoyed it, enthusiasts are still looking for other gameplay, like single-player options, more heroes and space combats.

Furthermore, Attack of the Fanboy wrote that the new update will fix the bugs and issues of the offline game mode, as cited by International Business Times. In fact, they will solve the problem of players who wants to play the online gameplay in offline mode.

"Fans have been requesting the offline playability mostly because the lack of a single-player campaign and the limited local modes make it a hard-to-enjoy title," reported by iBTimes reported.  "The issue of a mostly online multiplayer approach has been previously questioned for 'Star Wars Battlefront.'"

Additionally, Design & Trend surveyed their followers to find what they wanted the next "Star Wars: Battlefront" DLC release to have. The options itself have six different choices composed of  (1) "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" DLC; (2) single-player options; (3) true space combat; (4) more heroes; 5) more maps; and (6) leave the game as it is.

"I can only say that we're going to announce what the DLC is about soon," the game's hero designer Guillaume Mroz told Express. "Offline multiplayer has technical difficulties that the single-player guys are definitely looking at. I can't give any dates for that but we're very aware of the huge request for this."