Since "Clash of Clans" was officially released in 2012, it has been the most favorite game of many, played by the young and the young at hearts. With the continuous support it has been receiving, Supercell persistently gives its fans new offerings and updates to offer everyone total entertainment experience.

In the upcoming updates this 2016, gamers will see the difference in farming and looting attacks, according to AllClash. Also, some of the biggest things available with the upgrade are the new Dark Troops, Dark Spell and the new gameplay that will feature daily quests, new adventures and many more.

However, fans have to keep their patience longer as the major changes will still not be seen in the next update in February. The forthcoming upgrade is just to fix some bugs, add spell levels and some new troops.

To recall, 2015 was a great year for "Clash of Clans" as this was also the same time its developers unveiled the biggest additions in the game. The last update ended the exposed town halls as gamers now have to hide and protect it.

The most recent update unveiled the Air Sweeper and Eagle Artillery and added new Dark Spells. Also, Town Hall 11 was already released along with a new Hero, Grand Warden.

Top COC Tips added that the new hero was one of the major changes that "Clash of Clans" gave their supporters. In fact, players will surely love him for he has a very promising background.

Grand Warden is a veteran battle-scholar as a different kind of battle techniques. He also has his own troops, just like the witch who will help him fight the enemies.

Furthermore, he can fight over the air and on the ground as he can fly and walk over the walls. Once the gamers reached his Eternal Tome ability, he can protect other troops and be immune to damage.