It was in 2005 when "Kingdom Hearts 2" was officially released, and it's been 10 years since fans of the action game have waited for the next installment. However, there are reports that "Kingdom Hearts 3" is already on the works, but they haven't disclosed any release date yet.

The new trailer of the third offering of "Kingdom Hearts" which showed Nobodies have enticed the enthusiasts of the role-playing game. They were quite surprised and intrigued knowing that Nobodies will have their major role in "Kingdom Hearts 3," according to Gaming Bolt.

In fact, its development team just revealed that the third installment of the video game series might face more enemies other than Nobodies and Heartless. "I want to make it so that you can tell who had come to that world by the enemies that appear there," Tetsuya Nomura, the game's director, said in a Q&A for fans.

"I am thinking of the enemy types as a part of the total production this time," he added. However, he didn't divulge yet what these antagonists will do in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

"I think that it's easy to imagine but I do believe that it will appear in promotional materials sooner or later so please wait for that," Nomura continued. Realty Today added that the questioning resulted into revealing Square Enix's plan to include the seven princesses to the game just like "Beast's Castle."

Furthermore, they unveiled that there is a link between Kingdom Hearts X [chi] and Kingdom Hearts Unchained X. On the other hand, one fan asked if it will be possible to see Mickey Mouse in the third installment wearing his same outfit from "Kingdom Hearts 2", and still holding the Kingdom Key D Keyblade while he's in Disney Parks.

"It would be really neat if they did one day!" Nomura teased. However, he first said that seeing the animal cartoon character may not be possible.