Amy Duggar went real and revealed on Monday that the cheating scandal of Josh Duggar has entirely changed her perspective about him. The 29-year-old niece of Jun Bob Duggar stated that her cousin's cheating scandal was really shocking and has affected their relationship with each other.

"It is crazy to think 2015 has already come and gone! Last year was an emotional rollercoaster," the "19 Kids and Counting" star wrote in a blog post entitled "Changes." "There's been so many highs and so, so many lows. I thought I'd write of how 2015 has been from my point of view and what it has taught me."

Amy also revealed that the news about Josh cheating on his wife Anna Duggar has devastated the entire Duggar family. "I was completely shocked just like the rest of the world," she divulged in her blog update. "The only difference was I was being fitted for my wedding dress with tears running down my face and a glass of wine in my hand as the news broke. I wondered what the heck was going on? A million questions flooded my mind."

The reality star then admitted that the whole scandal made her sad and angry at the same time. "Rage came over me, sadness crept in, and reality sat in that the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger."

To recall, International Design Times reported that Josh have spent a significant amount of money for two subscription on infidelity site Ashley Madison.  Data of the credit card of Anna's husband has been discovered by hackers who slashed the website.

Meanwhile, the wife of Josh finally broke her silence on his cheating and molestation scandals last month. The 26-year-old mom of four divulged that she considered her husband as his first love, making the painfully public disgrace more hurting.

Anna even stated that she asked for God's guidance and intervention to help her go through the healing process as she does not know what to do at that time. "It was hard to realize that it was such a public thing, so not only was it a betrayal for me, but it was also a betrayal against those who call themselves Christian, because here we were as a Christian couple and everyone was able to see us get married and to vow before God to be loyal to each other. And [then] that loyalty was broken," she said.