Vowch, a new app for iPhone and iPad co-founded by Jesse Itzler and brothers Jeremy and David Parker, offers a unique spin on the social recommendations space by combining favorite elements of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all rolled into one. (Photo: Vowch)

In an age where likes, reviews and recommendations are pushed in your face at just about every turn, it might seems there couldn't possibly be a need for another suggested products app. However, a new app called Vowch, co-founded by brothers Jeremy and David Parker along with Jesse Itzler — founder of the private plane rental service Marquis Jet, offers something unique to the user recommendations scene. The app is designed as a social network, bringing user suggestions from all their favorite people — including both celebrities and "real-life" friends.

But what's so special about Vowch? Well, to begin with it offers authentic recommendations from people you trust. The app is not like the reviews you find on Amazon or Yelp, which could be riddled with both good and bad feedback. Instead, users on Vowch only submit recommendations for products they truly believe in and love. This goes for all users — even those who are in the limelight.

While the app boasts some celebrity users like Chris Daughtry, Mark Cuban, and Sara Blakley, you won't be finding any hyped up celebrity endorsements here. On Vowch, celebrity and other users alike are simply posting products they use in their everyday life, from a pair of sneakers the kids really enjoyed, to favorite books, looks, people, places and things.

Vowch boasts some celebrity users such as Chris Daughtry, Mark Cuban, Leandra Medine, LeBron James, Pauly D, Rev Run, Shawty Slim, DJ Steph Floss, and more.

And this is exactly how founders Itzler, Parker and Parker engineered the app to work. As an entertainer-gone entrepreneur, Itzler understands the value of getting behind a product one believes in. It is for that reason he chose to invest in Vowch, as the app is not only built by people he enjoys spending time with, he also sees it as a product which will enjoy success because of its focus on providing a service that enhances users life and enjoyment.

"The most powerful thing for me is when a friend says, 'I just tried this restaurant; you've got to try it,' and this [Vowch] allows people to do that and share it with their followers and friends," Itzler shared.

Vowch app for iOS

The major categories in Vowch include Music, Fashion, Reading, Sports, Media, Food & Drink, Culture, Places, Products, Tech, Activities and Random Stuff. When logging in to Vowch, you find a clean crisp user interface with inviting colors that are integrated throughout the app categories and products "Vowched" for.

Users who submit recommendations via the social network have a variety of options available to help them show off of the things they love. Say, for example, there's some great product you love and what to share with others. As a Vowch user, you simply click on the big green "V" at the bottom of the app and Vowching begins! Next step, type in the title of the person, place or thing you are vouching for and if others have vouched for it, suggestions will show up in the search area. If not, a button will appear which says "Be the first to Vowch for this."

After submitting a name, it's time to post a photo. Don't have a picture on hand that you want to use? No worries! The app offers the option to take a photo, use one from your library or search Google for an image. If you choose to search Google, the image finder is quick and doesn't require reentering the search term. Within seconds you can find yourself vouching for all your favorite things.

In Vowch, adding photos is a breeze.

Entering a photo is not the only sharing option available though. The app allows for adding other media to give users even more details about the things you love. You can click on the "Add Media" button, and from there the app offers you the ability to add links, locations, music or video clips, enriching your recommendation even further. By clicking on a given media source, such as video, the app immediately searches for useful additions which are added with a simple touch.

Once you've finished adding media, the final step is a quick personal description — under 130 characters — to describe the thing you are recommending. The finished product is a polished looking recommendation that offers just enough information to pique users' interests. Once a recommendation is submitted, you can look and see how popular the item is based on how many other people have vouched for it and the comments left by other users on the item you have posted.

In addition to offering a simple way to vouch for things you love, this app is loaded chock full of other exciting features, including the ability to find and follow friends or invite them to the app too. Besides just people you know and look up to, Vowch can also offer you a way to see recommendations from popular Vowchers as well. By going under the "Bosses" tab, users can see people who've scored high within the community for their recommendations.

This app is truly something unique as it pulls in favorite parts of a variety of social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The graphic design is clean and pleasing to the eye, while the user interface is well thought-out, making it simple an intuitive to use — both as a Vowcher or as someone looking for recommendations.

Vowch creditability increases by earning points for recommendations the community values. Top trusted Vowchers can be found in the "Bosses" section of each category

 In speaking to iDesignTimes, co-founder Jeremy Parker revealed, many more changes were coming for the app in 2014.

"Our vision is to build a community of users who are excited about sharing their favorite things, the things they love and are passionate about ... in 2014 we look forward to extending services in such a way that we can reach even more people and offer an increasingly more satisfying recommendation platform."

Vowch is free app found in the Apple app store for all iPhones, iPads and iPads running iOS 6 or above. Pop on over and give it a try today!