iOS 7 jailbreak tweak developers have been busy this week as more awesome new jailbreak apps arrived on Cydia than I could even keep up with! Showing up in popular repos like ModMyi and MacCiti and Big Boss, it was hard to pick which were the best new iOS 7 tweaks for January 15 -21, 2014. I finally whittled the list down to 10. Check out my favorite new Jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7 devices like the iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini and more. Enjoy! 

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: Controllers for All by @cjori

Hands down, the most revolutionary iOS 7 jailbreak tweak to hit Cydia this week was Controllers for All. This tweak brings PS3 controller support for a ton of games with no configuration needed! According to the developer, @cjori, Apple added a great game controller API in iOS 7 that a lot of game developers are taking advantage of, but the MFi controllers are extremely expensive! Controllers for All addresses that issue by starting with support for PS3 controllers, and will add more controllers support down the road. Controllers for All already supports every game that's been updated with iOS 7 controller support in mind, and does it with an extremely simple setup, one time pair using your computer and you're done! No other configurations ever needed again! This tweak is well worth the $1.99 pricetag in my opinion. The tweak can be found in the ModMyi repo. To purchase, click here

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: Slo-mo Mod by PoomSmart

Another great iOS 7 jailbreak tweak that although it has a few kinks to work out is something most will enjoy. With this tweak, users can enable iPhone 5s Slo-mo video capture for unsupported devices like the iPhone 5 with included options for setting the slo-mo frame rate, forcing Slo-mo editing for all videos, setting Slo-mo rate and adjusting the slow part of the Slo-mo video volume. At this time iPhone 4, 4S and iPad 2, 3 DO NOT support 60 fps Slo-mo due to hardware limitations. You must set the frame rate lower or equal to 30 fps to use otherwise higher settings cause Slo-mo not to work or camera crashing. In addition, in order for Slo-mo Mod to work on a non-iPhone 5s device, you'll need to download a Cydia package called Burst Mode. This tweak is also available free of charge in the Cydia Store. This tweak is free in the Big Boss repo. Give it a try.

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: ClassicDock by CoolStar & sharedRoutine

For those attached to some of the features of iOS 6 this tweak is just for you! With ClassicDock, you can bring back the iOS 6 dock in iOS 7 via this new jailbreak tweak. Install and never look at that iOS 7 dock again. This also fixes the flickering dock issue with RecordMyScreen too. Does not work on iPhone 4 though iPhone 4 support will be added soon. Free on Big Boss repo. Give it a try.

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2014: SlideForUsage by ianb821

SlideForUsage is a simple iOS 7 tweak inspired by jailbreak developer @Sentry on reddit. The tweak allows users to slide down on the apps in the App Slider/Switcher to see information on usage Time since last launch, time spent in last session, total time spent in app since tweak was installed. Slide down on the SpringBoard card to get time since last reboot. This tweak is live on Cydia in the Modmyi repo for free. Give it a try.

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: Favorite Contacts 7 for NotificationCenter by 2Peaches

This great new iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, Favorite Contacts 7 brings up your contacts right in your Notification Center. It displays your favorite speed dial contacts from your telephone application. You can display the names and the contacts pictures of your prefered contacts. After touching them you can decide if you want to call, write a message or an e-mail. You can configure it from the Settings app. This tweak is available now on Cydia via the Big Boss repo. Click here to download

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: BioLaunch by David McMillan

Available for the iPhone 5S, The iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, BioLaunch allows you to use your fingerprint as a smart app launcher. Using Touch ID, you can launch any application by the touch of your finger. What makes BioLaunch so smart is the ability to automatically set your most used application to be launched. The amount you use every application is saved to ensure your favorite app is always the one set to launch. This is an optional feature, as you can manually set the application you want to launch, You can also have your device vibrate quickly on a fingerprint read. Also the 2 Touch Launch feature is great because it will also help avoid unnecessary launches (enabling this feature is highly recommended if you have any other Touch ID tweaks). BioLaunch is fully compatible with Lockdown Pro, BioProtect, BioLockdown and VirtualHome. The tweak is live now on Cydia for just $0.99 in the Bog Boss repo. Download here.

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: Apptray by DarkMalloc

One of my favorite new iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks, Apptray allows you to quickly launch apps from your Notification Center pulldown. You can add an unlimited number of apps to Apptray. Apptray is available from anywhere - forget searching for your apps on your homescreen, just launch them from your tray! Apptray requires iOS 7 and is compatible with any iOS device. Configure options from Settings. The Tweak is 1.49 in the Big Boss Repo. Download it here.


Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: iWebBoost by SpiritOfLogic

From the makers of iTouchSecure, this iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is a real gem, and even seems to be outdoing a favorite speed-up tweak called Nitrus. Do you hate how slow the Facebook App is? Do you wonder why Chrome and other web browsers on iDevices don't get to their full speed? Here is the solution: iWebBoost. With iWebBoost you simply enable JIT-Compiling for all Apps. It results in an immediate speed boost of 2x - 5x for JavaScript performance. Found live on Cydia in the Big Boss repo, give it a try today.

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Apps 2014: Animer7 by HASHBANG Productions

Maker of TypeStatus, RePower and other popular jailbreak tweaks, Animer7 for iOS 7 will allow you to customize the animations of your iOS 7 device. With Animer7, you can customize the display and dismiss animations of your notification banners. Animer7 will also allow you to customize the animations of your multitasking in iOS. Animer7 provides you with extra options including, hiding the separator lines in Control Center and Hiding Newsstand If you're looking to add beautiful animations to your device that fit right in with iOS 7, look no further. This tweak is live on Cydia via the Big Boss repo for $1.99. Download here.

Best New iOS 7 Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks 2104: ClipShot

I like simple jailbreak tweaks that make life easier and Clipshot for iOS 7 is one of them. ClipShot extends iOS's screenshot function in order to allow saving screenshots to the clipboard. Also provides Activator actions and better Photo Stream support. This tweak is live on Cydia for free in the Big Boss repo. Check it out.

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