Want to jailbreak and theme your iPhone 5S on iOS 7? The iOS 7 jailbreak — evasi0n7 — arrived just before Christmas and even though winterboard has yet to be updated by Saurik to support 64-bit devices like the iPhone 5S, it doesn't mean there aren't a few tweaks out there on Cydia that can help you customize some of the cosmetic features of your device, making it more uniquely yours. Once winterboard is updated, iPhone 5S users will be able to access a plethora of themes and tweaks which will allow them to customize their devices to the max, but for now, here are nine iOS 7 Cydia jailbreak apps which will allow you to semi-theme your jailbroken A7 device while we await the winterboard update.

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #1 Message Customiser

This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak will let you customize your Messages app in a number of ways. It features custom bubble colors for iMessage and SMS and received messages. Users can choose custom text colors, custom backgrounds, make changes to the bubble opacity and change bubble width. In addition you can apply a custom app tint color. There is an option to hide message bubble tails and show or hide contact pictures in both list and conversation views. Options are configured in the Settings app. This tweak is compatible with all devices (including 64-bit), iOS 7 only.

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme Your iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #2 Bigify

Bigify is a great tweak for anyone who wants to customize the size of their icons. This Cydia jailbreak tweak has been updated to support iOS 7 and A7 devices like the iPhone 5S. With this tweak users can do a number of things to their icons including making them bigger, smaller or rotating them on the screen without needing Winterboard. Definitely worth giving a try.

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #3 Iconoclasm

Iconoclasm is a tweak that lets you break the barriers of what you can do with your icons. With Icooclasm iOS 7 jailbreak tweak, you can define as many rows or columns you want. You can even break free from rows and columns, and simply have icons placed freely on your home screen. It's all up to you. It's a fun way to customize your homescreen and other pages to be uniquely your own and works with the iPhone 5S without needing Winterboard .

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #4 Live Weather Icon

LiveWeatherIcon is another fun customizing tweak that replaces the weather icon with an animated, visual description of the current weather condition along with the temperature and a short textual description overlaid on top. The tweak is attractive a fun to look at, as it enriches your run of the mill weather report. Features like moving rain clouds or a snow falling in the background are just a few of the animations found in this tweak updated for compatibility with the iOS 7 jailbreak and the iPhone 5S.

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #5 Spectral

Spectral is another great customizing Cydia tweak that lets you blur a song's album artwork on the lock screen. Developed by Adam Bell, Spectral changes the background blur from your usual wallpaper to a blurred version of the album artwork of the current song playing. This allows for a pleasing color scheme in the back of your album art and adds some variety to the plain iOS 7 background on the normal music player. You can download Spectral for Free from Cydia in the BigBoss Repo and it is compatible with the iPhone 5S. Give it a try!

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #6 BytaFont 2

If you're tired of looking at Helvetica font all over your iPhone 5S, BytaFont 2 as an IOS 7 jailbreak tweak that allows users to change the font on iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad with just a few taps. BytaFont 2 is available for free on ModMyi repository and it has no dependency on other packages. Simply download the font packages and you are ready to go. At this time, the number of fonts available for the A7 devices is limited, but more should be coming in time.

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreakg Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #7 Zeppelin

This is a fun jailbreak tweak that has been updated for the latest iOS 7 evasi0n7 jailbreak. This tweak allows users to change the carrier logo to show different icons instead without needing Winterboard. It is a quick an easy way to let anyone watching now you've got a jailbroken iPhone 5S.

Nine iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #8 Clear Folders

This iOS 7 jailbreak tweak allow users to set transparent iOS 7 folder backgrounds. ClearFolders removes the blurred folder backgrounds leaving you with beautiful, transparent and minimalistic looking folders without needing Winterboard .

NIne iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks To Theme iPhone 5S Without Winterboard - #9 Barrel

 Barrel is a clever Cydia jailbreak tweak that alters your iPhone's SpringBoard page scrolling animation. Instead of the standard animation we're all familiar with, Barrel gives users a wide variety of ways to customize the animation of your apps as you scroll to another page. This tweak is one of the best ways to show off your jailbroken iPhone 5S. Download and try it today. You'll love it.


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