Is EZTV down? The popular TV torrent site has not been working for more than a day now as fans of the file sharing source are worried this could be the end of yet another website which allows for free download and viewing of various forms of media. However, it appears one Twitter user has figured out an alterative way to access the site without visiting In addition, an alternative proxy site has been set up as well.

UPDATE Friday, January 10, 2014 10:45 p.m. ET - All access points for EZTV, including the proxy sites and the direct IP address are now down. When one of the sites goes back up, we will update this post.

UPDATE 2 Saturday, January 11, 2014 12:45 a.m. ET - a new proxy website for EZTV appears to have been set up and is working

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What Happened To EZTV? Why Did The Site Go Down?

It seems that TorrentFreak, a website devoted to all torrent related news, has posted an update which explains why EZTV is not working. According to the post, the site has gone down as a result of a DDoS attack that the admin of EZTV are working to resolve.

EZTV The Fourth Torrent Site To Go Down This Week, Joining BTN, PTP And

Earlier this week several other popular TV torrent sites went down as well due to DDoS attacks, including, TV-tracker (BTN) and the movie tracker (PTP). While it is unknown who took down these three torrent websites or who is responsible for the current EZTV down time, it seems clear whoever it is, has something against these sites. As of Thursday afternoon, none of the four file sharing sites mentioned are up or operational on the web, nor are there any proxy servers at which to access these sites.

While sites like EZTV often go under attack for the illegal distributing of copyrighted materials, typically the attacks are not via DDoS. Rather these sites generally will discover that a server has been seized or they will receive some kind of notice to shut down or pay a fine. In addition, some torrent websites are finding themselves blocked by ISPs in countries like the UK. The Pirate Bay has been a popular piracy site heavily hunted by entities like the MPAA, which has led the file-sharing source to move from proxy server to proxy server.

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Is There A Proxy Or Alternative Serve For EZTV?

While EZTV is down at this time due to a DDOS attack, it now has an alternative proxy to replace, the site administrators assure visitors that there are still uploads being made from the site to The Pirate Bay and several other sites, per TorrentFreak.

Meanwhile, fans of the popular TV Torrent sites are hoping something will happen soon to get the sources back up and running again. Last year, a similar set of attacks were launched by a person named Zeiko after he was denied an invite to one of the sites listed.

As more is learned about the future of EZTV and when it will go back online we will update this post. Meanwhile, if you would like to try searching for free movies and TV to watch online legally, check out our list of resources posted here.