Latest rumors indicate the iPhone 6 ay come with two new larger screen sizes, curved display and eye and fingerprint biometrics

iPhone 6 rumors are heating up as the next Apple smartphone is expected to release sometime in the second half of the 2014. With just a few days into 2014 the web has already been buzzing about what rumored specs and features could be included in the iPhone 6. This week's most popular rumors have included three features in particular: varied screen sizes, eye and fingerprint biometrics and curved glass displays. Here's a quick run down of those latest iPhone 6 rumors and where they came from.

Larger screen sizes of both 4.7 and 5.7 inches are part of the latest iPhone 6 rumors in 2014 (Photo: Creative Commons)

iPhone 6 Spec and Feature Rumors: 2 Screen Sizes: The one thing that has been complained about the most in the last year concerning new iPhone models, is the non-budging screen size. When competitors like Samsung and HTC are offering smartphones and phablets with screen sizes pushing six inches, its no surprise increased screen size would be a popular iPhone 6 rumor. That rumor has been reiterated once more this week as an unnamed Foxconn executive allegedly posted on the Chinese social network, Weibo, that Apple will be offering bigger iPhones this year, with displays that measure 4.7 and 5.7 inches.

These two options would both be larger than the current 4-inch screen on the iPhone 5 and 5S providing an upgrade and phablet option to Apple users. According to the report found in C Technology, the two screen sizes for Apple's iPhone 6 will be a "one-time exception." While the source is fairly sketchy, still, its not completely unreasonable to think Apple could offer two display sizes on the next iPhone. None of us certainly ever anticipated a day when a plastic and colorful iPhone would be a thing, and yet, enter iPhone 5C!

Biometric technology is already available in the iPhone 5S via the Touch iD fingerprint scanner but latest iPhone 6 rumors suggest an eye scanner could be an option as well (Photo: Creative Commons)

iPhone 6 Spec and Feature Rumors: Biometric Technology: In addition to update screen size rumors, the same report alleges that both iPhone 6 models will come will some kind of biometric features. While the current iPhone 5S already includes a biometric Touch ID fingerprint scanner, this latest rumor suggests eye recognition biometric features may also be a possibility in the iPhone 6.

A curved display for the iPhone 6 is a popular spec rumor for both Apple analysts and concept designers alike (Photo: MacRumors)

iPhone 6 Spec and Feature Rumors: Curved Display: This rumor got its start back in November when Bloomberg reported that Apple may be looking at a curved glass screen for the next iPhone models that release. This same report by Bloomberg's also alleged that Apple is planning to release two models of iPhones - much like the way the iPhone 5S and 5C were launched together this fall. Both models are expected to feature a curved glass display, complete with a full sapphire glass screen.

It is very likely as the year wears on these three rumors will remain among the top to circulate in regards to the iPhone 6. While there's little to no solid proof any of these rumors will come to fruition, it is fun to imagine what could be ahead.

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