It seems the flip phone has officially lost all of its swag now, as even thieves are looking at them in disdain. The New York Post reported this weekend that a "gun-toting mugger in Central Park," was found handing back a flip phone he attempted to steal from a young man walking through the area with a friend. Now, at this moment in time, you might be double-checking your source here to make sure you aren't looking at an article out of The Onion, but in reality, this go around, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

According to the victim of the near robbery, 25-year-old Kevin Cook of Brooklyn, he was sporting a 3-year-old Windows flip phone on the day of the fudged mugging in NYC. "Once he saw my phone," said Cook, "He looked at it like, 'What the f--- is this?' and gave it back to me."

The near crime took place early Saturday at 12:30 a.m. at which time Cook and a friend were walking near the West Drive neighborhood. When the man stepped out and attempted to mug them; however, things took an unexpected turn. While Cook complied readily with the mugger, when the man saw all Cook had to offer was the outdated flip phone, the fellow headed on his way.

"It's kind of humorous," said flip phone owner, Kevin Cook. "I guess he didn't think he could get anything for it."

While we've all kind of known flip phones are way past their "cool" heyday, often being used as the punchline of jokes about drug dealers or computer illiterate grandparents, it's clear they've now reached an all time low if even beggars are becoming choosers when it comes to the flip phone.

But do you remember back to a day when flip phones actually were kind of cool? I mean, Star Trek just wouldn't have been the same without the flip phone communicator device Captain Kirk and crew used.

 And after all, with the emergence of cell phones, it has becoming increasingly more difficult to end an ugly phone call with the proverbial phone slamming in the cradle.

At least the flip phone offered some kind of user satisfaction, as the cold snap of the plastic lid smacked decidedly closed, letting everyone around know, that discussion was over.

No matter how hard you try now, there's no way to make such a dramatic end to a call on you iPhone or Droid, unless you want to throw it across the room. But let's face it; most of us baby those devices like they were our children.

Whether you think flip phones are cool or not, one thing's for sure; as Kevin Cook discovered, owning one might afford you a little bit more safety than the average smartphone carrier. Here's a few of the humored responses of readers on Twitter when they heard about the mugger who rejected a flip phone.


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