The iOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak, dubbed evasi0n7, arrived just over a week ago, catching much of the jailbreak community by surprise. While most expected the new jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod would not become available until after iOS 7.1 arrived, on December 22, 2013, the latest jailbreak was released and supports all iOS 7 devices. For complete directions on how to download and install the iOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak by the evad3rs, please scroll down to our simple tutorial below. Before installing the new evasi0n jailbreak, however, here are a few things you should know.

Which iPhones, iPads and iPods can use the iOS 7 evasi0n jailbreak? 

The evasi0n jailbreak is available for use by all Windows and Mac users, who own an iPhone, iPad or iPod with iOS 7.0, 7.0.1, 7.0.2, 7.0.3 and 7.0.4 installed. If you aren't sure which operating system your iPhone iPad or iPod is running you can check it in the settings on your device, but here's a quick run down of devices that support the latest jailbreak

iOS 7 devices eligible for the using the evasi0n7 jailbreak:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini
  • iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 5

(iPad 2 will soon be added to this list, per @pod2g).


More Things To Know About The iOS 7 Evasi0n Jailbreak


This particular jailbreak is a little different than some have been in the past. As there was some underground controversy during the making of this jailbreak, not everything is fully ready to make the jailbreak enjoyable and usable for the average user. For example, Cydia is not completely updated and compatible with the iOS 7 jailbreak as of yet so the number of tweaks that are available are somewhat limited. This is particularly true for users with A7 devices like the iPhone 5S and the iPad Air. On these devices there is a small handful of available tweaks as mobile substrate has yet to be updated. Those Cydia jailbreak tweaks which are compatible with the 64-bit iPhone 5S or iPad Air can be found on this list. For all other devices, the Cydia tweak compatibility list for iOS 7 can be found here.

In addition to a limited number of tweaks being available, there are also very few themes available as winterboard is also awaiting an update. For those who are using an A7 device like the iPhone 5S or the iPad Air, I would recommend waiting to jailbreak your device or if you do jailbreak it, avoid downloading any tweaks or attempting any modifications until Mobile Substrate has been properly updated. We know Jay Freeman aka @Saurik is currently working on the update to Mobile Substrate, Cydia and Winterboard, so hopefully it won't be too long till these essential jailbreak tools become available.

How To Jailbreak iOS 7 - 7.0.4 with Evasi0n 7 on iPhone, iPad and iPod

OK, so now that you know where everything stands with the jailbreak, we finally get to the jailbreaking! As with evasi0n for iOS 6 the process for jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod or iPad is very simple. Just follow the steps listed below. In addition, we've included a video clip from to help expedite the process if you have any difficulties.

Before you jailbreak be sure to:

1) Install the latest version of iTunes  on your Windows PC or Mac. You can download iTunes 11.1.3 here. 

2) Backup data and restore your iPhone, iPod or iPad to the latest iOS 7.0. through iTunes (NOT over the air) before running Evasi0n 7. This is a very simple process. Just connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your computer and iTunes should produce a pop-up screen which asks you to update if you are not up-to-date. For more help with this process, see directions for back-up and restore before jailbreaking here.

3) Make sure your iPhone iPad or iPod has no lock screen passcode or Touch ID set on. To disable the Passcode lock go to Settings -> General -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Turn Passcode Off


How-to Jailbreak iOS 7 / 7.0.4

1) Download iOS 7 - 7.0.4 Jailbreak Evasi0n 7 for Windows or Mac.

2) Connect your iOS device to your computer and start Evasi0n 7.

3) Click on "Jailbreak" button to start the process. (Evasi0n will take over from there so don't do anything. Just wait for the process to complete!)

4) Once the process finishes Evasi0n will tell you to unlock your device and tap the new 'evasi0n 7' app icon found on the home screen of your device. Tap the app icon and keep your device connected, it will automatically restart.

5) Once the device finished rebooting Evasi0n will complete the last few steps before asking you to unlock your device again. Once you unlock it, it will reboot again. Soon a 'Done!' screen will appear, and guess what? You're done!

6) Cydia should now be on your iOS device home screen. Quit the Evasi0n 7 application, disconnect your device from your computer and start Cydia to browse for tweaks to download and install

Just a reminder, stick with only the tweaks that have known compatibility with your iOS 7 jailbreak to avoid problems with your iDevice. For the complete lists of iOS 7 compatible Cydia jailbreak tweaks see:

A7 iPhone 5S and iPad Air compatible Cydia jailbreak tweaks

iOS 7 Compatible Cydia Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone 5, 4S, iPad Mini, iPad 3, 4, iPod Touch Etc.

Help! I'm having problems with my jailbreak! 

The best sources of aid for problems or help with the jailbreak are, Jailbreak QA or /r/jailbreak on Reddit.

Happy Jailbreaking!

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