Sharkeisha's crazy fight went viral this year! (Photo: Screengrab/World Star Hip Hop)

This year has been a good one for Internet videos. Between the fights, music spoofs, and heartwarming stories, these videos made us experience a broad range of emotions, which is why they are our favorite viral videos of 2013. Check out the list!


Sharkeisha's fight goes from a normal conversation to a full-out brawl in her viral video. Twitter and comments sections went crazy over this inexplicable fight, and there is now an entry in Urban Dictionary for Sharkeisha. The definition? "To Punch The Soul From Another Being's Body."

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Space Oddity

Chris Hadfield reminded us of our dreams of becoming an astronaut with all of his informational videos, but this David Bowie cover made us fall in love with space all over again. Canadian astronaut Hadfield is definitely the coolest commander of the International Space Station so far, and his voice isn't too shabby either.

Man Doesn't Recognize His Wife After Surgery

A man falls in love with his wife all over again when he comes out of surgery! He doesn't recognize his wife due to the anesthesia and calls his wife "the most beautiful woman" he's ever seen. This video went viral and was picked up by news stations everywhere as skeptics tried to figure out if the heartwarming story was true. The verdict: It checks out!

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Kai: The Hatchet-Wielding Hiker

Kai, also known as Caleb McGillvary, saved a woman's life with his lucky hatchet. In his viral video, the hitch-hiking free spirit goes on a long ramble about a man that gave him a ride. The driver admitted to raping a young girl, believed that he was Jesus Christ, and proceeded to run his car into another truck and attack a pedestrian woman. Good thing Kai and his hatchet were there, because he stopped the man from hurting the woman any worse. The highlight of this video is definitely Kai's describing his life-saving deed. "Smash, smash, sa-mash!"

Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Everyone loves a good marriage proposal, but this video melts even the coldest of hearts. Dustin arrived at Home Depot not knowing that he was in for a beautiful dance number and a marriage proposal in the lumber aisle! We bet it this video will make you teary-eyed!

Bird Sings Dubstep

Dubstep has slowly taken over: It even leaked into Taylor Swift songs this year. Still, it's surprising that a pet bird was able to catch on to the trend. Will this cockatiel do a collaboration with Skrillex in 2014? Only time will tell.

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What Does The Fox Say?

Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis had no idea what they were in for when filming "The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)" video. Over 300 million views later, the children's book version of the viral video "What Does the Fox Say?" is a huge success: the debut on Amazon sold out in a day and was on bestseller lists nationwide. We're still not sure what the fox says, but we know this video is amazing.

What were your favorite viral videos of 2013? Let us know in the comments!