Looking for last-minute gifts for the Apple enthusiast? Maybe something unique for the person who has everything — including every iDevice imaginable. Then look no further. We've got three unique and useful accessories for the iPhone and iPad that would make great last minute gifts this holiday season. Check them out below!

Last Minute Gifts For The Apple Device Lover: TaskOne iPhone Case Lets You Turn Your Device Into The Perfect Pocket Knife

You love your iPhone, but it falls short when you need to fix your bike, tighten a screw or open a bottle. There isn't an app for that. But what if there was a case for that? Check out TaskOne, www.thetasklab.com. The iPhone case (iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S) is just as thin or thinner than many other iPhone cases complete with 22 tools, including a kickstand - the perfect last minute gift for your fix-it-yourself kind of guy.

TaskOne comes in a variety of brilliant colors like: Slate Grey, Cherry Red and Jet Black. The case holds your phone securely, and attaches easily with four small screws (included). Tools included are: 2.5" removable knife with serrations, 1.8" Sawblade, small and large flathead screwdrivers, medium Phillips screwdriver, pliers with integrated 3-6mm wrench, wire cutters, 6 metric Allen wrenches (bike sizes 2.5-6), spoke wrenches (0.127, 0.130), wire stripper, 120mm ruler (110 mm on iPhone 4/4S, bottle opener and kickstand.

Use of the tools is simple-when stored the tools are secured via custom spring assemblies. The raised bezel on the front of the case keeps the screen safe from damage. All for only $99.95!

Last Minute Gifts For The Apple Device Lover: iPhone Soap Sanitizer And Charger In One

Did you know your cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet? We are constantly transferring bacteria onto our devices from everything we touch. You wash your hands, but never clean your phone. The PhoneSoap Charger is the first and only cell phone charger that cleans and sanitizes your phone in less than five minutes while it charges, and it is the safest and most complete way to kill all the bacteria growing on your phone.

Using UV light to safely get rid of bacteria, the PhoneSoap charger does not use heat, liquid or chemicals. PhoneSoap Charger is universal, and designed to fit even the largest smartphones — this means every iPhone from the iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5S are compatible. iPhone soap in anther great last minute gift for that person you don't know what to get. If you want to charge and clean your phone overnight, the PhoneSoap charger has unique acoustic outlets designed to let you hear your notifications and alarms even when your phone is inside. You will be able to hear your alarm, notifications and calls loud and clear. Get one here for $49.95!

Last Minute Gifts For The Apple Device Lover: iPad "Trego Bag" Offers The Best Portable Workstation And Stand Around

The Trego Bag is the ultimate iPad case and portable workstation. This sturdy bag has a removable case that swivels, bends and folds, putting your iPad exactly where you want it, and then holding it there for you, even when you are walking! The perfect last-minute gift idea for the Apple iPad lover, Trego bag is like having an extra set of hands made just for your iPad.

Trego can replace your handbag or backpack, and it can get the bulk out of your pockets. Trego fits your tablet, phone, keys, keyboard, wallet, stylus and more. At home, Trego sits comfortably on your belly, allowing you to relax and watch your favorite videos without propping your iPad. The case also has a built-in that pops out for freestyle mode. Get one here for $79.

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