The news of a Samsung Galaxy S4 catching fire was all the rage on social media Wednesday, and though the terrifying experience of having your smartphone catch fire and burn up right before your eyes would be bad enough, it's Samsung's response to the event that had people up in arms. In a very poorly thought out PR move, which is sure to be one they'll regret for a while, the Korean company attempted to hush the customer who posted a YouTube video of his Samsung Galaxy S4 after it caught on fire, refusing to replace the device until the offensive video clip was taken down. Now it seems Nokia is taking advantage of Samsung's poor PR move and is making a move of their own.

On Tuesday afternoon, three days after Richard Wygand (@ghostlyrich) posted a tweet with his YouTube video attached,  a customer service representative for Nokia tweeted a reply to @ghostlyrich, offering to replace the melted Samsung Galaxy S4 with a Lumia model. Promising to show the man what "customer service should really look like," the company offered to replace the ruined smartphone with one that would match the man's current service provider.

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This was a gutsy PR move on the part of Nokia and is sure to be just another thorn in the side of Samsung after their ugly little PR oopsy. For those who hadn't heard the story of Ghostlyrich's experience with a Galaxy S4 that catches fire, you can view the man's video clip here.

WATCH: Samsung Galaxy S4 Catches Fire Proof For Samsung

The video was uploaded to YouTube earlier this month as proof of the damage caused while his S4 was charging. The Galaxy S4 was plugged in to an official Samsung charger when it caught on fire; as a result, the man contacted Samsung about a replacement device. After learning of the video, Samsung reportedly tried to quiet the man's claims by saying they would only replace the burnt up Samsung Galaxy S4 if the man would remove the YouTube video of the Galaxy S4 that caught on fire. Incredulous, GhostlyRich decided to let the internet know just how Samsung deals with dangerous accidents like the one that occurred with his S4. Posting the letter he received from Samsung on PasteBin, it didn't take long for the news to get around.

The letter serves as a warning to Samsung customers -- watch out! If your Galaxy S4 catches fire, be prepared to keep quiet or you'll receive no customer service at all. Thanks to Ghostly Rich though, Samsung's letter has now been viewed by over 270,000 people while GhostlyRich's video has racked up over 700,000 views. Here is how social media is responding to the news.

Twitter Response To Samsung Galaxy S4 Catches Fire YouTube Video and Samsung Letter