Did a woman really kill 3 Chicago Walmart shoppers for the last Xbox One in stock? This story has been shared at a break neck pace as social media has been modified by the screwdriver stabbing death story (Photo: Reuters)

Did a Chicago woman really kill three shoppers at Walmart to get the last X-Box One? Over the Black Friday 2013 weekend, we heard plenty of stories about people going hog wild while seeking out the best deals and sales, with horror stories of Walmart fights and even a shooting at Kohl's hitting the news. In light of all the craziness that takes place on the biggest shopping day of the year, it's no wonder the story of a woman stabbing three Chicago-area Walmart shoppers with a screwdriver in order to get the store's last Xbox One in stock has gone so completely viral. The only problem is, it's not true!

According to a report coming out of the Daily Currant, a self-professed satirical news website, a Chicago woman named Mary Robbins, reportedly "wrestled her competitors to the ground before fatally wounding them with a sharpened Phillips head screwdriver."

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The woman was allegedly a wife and mother of two, trying to make her kids' dreams come true this holiday season by getting her hands on the newly released Microsoft gaming console, the Xbox One. The report went out of its way to appear very official, offering numerous believable details including the fact that the victims' names had not been released, but included "a sociology student at Northwestern University, a chemistry teacher at a local high school and a young pregnant woman buying a system for her brother."

A woman killing 3 people over the last Xbox at a Chicago Walmart is one story social media can't stop sharing. But is it really true and will 5,000 die this year in Walmart stores? (Photo: Reuters)

The fictitious Chicago woman, Mary Robbins, reportedly fled the scene and "was apprehended at home hours later." The woman who stabbed three people to death in Walmart over a Xbox One was said to be unrepentant, despite her grueling crime.

"Of course I'd do it all over again ...my little Dustin is going to have an X-Box for Christmas this year. No one can take that away from him. Not even the police," said the fictitious woman.

"Shopping isn't a hobby for me, it's a war. So I have to spend a little time behind bars. So what? I didn't punk out. I fought hard for my family, and I'm proud of that."

Adding to the outrage over this woman's brutal crime — which didn't actually happen — social media has been mortified by another line in the "report" which says that "Wal-Mart ... admits that more than 5,000 shoppers will be killed at their stores this holiday season." This statistic however, is also completely false.

This story of a woman who killed three people, stabbing them to death with a screwdriver has gone incredibly viral in all the recent shopping frenzy as multitudes of individuals have shared the story on Twitter and Facebook, with mortified messages of fear, disappointment, and sadness. Though Black Friday can get a little crazy and certainly there were any number of Walmart fights which broke out on Black Friday, 2013, including a bizarre one over 29-ent hand towels, fortunately, three people were not stabbed to death over an Xbox One.

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The Daily Currant's Black Friday hoax story is nearly a week old it is still getting a massive number of shares. If you see anyone sharing this story about a woman in Chicago killing three Walmart customers with a screwdriver to get the last Xbox One, maybe share this story with them so they can get their facts straight.

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