Where can I find Xbox One Black Friday 2013  sales and deals? Will Xbox One go on special for Cyber Monday? Who will have the Xbox One in stock on Black Friday? Though it may seem like a laughable goal as stock of the newly released Xbox One is already low in some places, you might be surprised to find there actually are a few retailers offering sales on Xbox One's for Black Friday. For Black Friday 2013,  its not being broadcasted widely, but you can in fact find some Xbox One sales at retailers like Best Buy and Walmart.

So, where can you find Black Friday Xbox One deals this year? Check out some of our tips for getting one on sale below.

1)   Start Xbox One Sale Shopping At Best Buy On Black Friday

Your first stop should be your local Best Buy as the company's vice president of entertainment Chris Koller, recently informed Polygon they would for certain have the  Xbox One in stock on Black Friday. "We have allocations for people that weren't able to pre-order; I can't tell you the exact number, but fortunately we've got enough for ... the holiday season. We're going to have product available throughout the month of December."

But what about an Xbox One deal you might be saying.  Well Best Buy does have one. Currently the retailer is promoting Xbox One with the  Gamers Club Unlocked membership service. If you take advantage of the deal, you can purchase an Xbox One, controllers, two games, 12-month Xbox Live membership, and a two-year Geek Squad protection plan for just $880 with the Xbox One. The Gamer's Club Unlocked membership also provides a roughly 20 percent discount on games for all platforms - not just the Xbox One - for two years.

2) Check Out Walmart For Great Pre-Black Friday Xbox One Deals

Walmart is another retailer running a pre-Black Friday sale right at this moment on all their Xbox One games. With the price cuts they are advertising on games, you can consider that a virtual savings on the cost of the Xbox One itself since games are what most of us spend our money on with the console anyway. Right now Walmart is offering 18% off ANY Xbox One game including Ryse, Forza and Madden 25. However, these deals end BEFORE Black Friday so get to ordering now to save! In addition Walmart is sure to be heavily stocked with the next-gen Xbox One console so you don't have to worry about not getting one this Black Friday 2013.

3) Keep Browsing The Internet For Xbox One Deals On Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Finally, the Internet is a great place to look for sales on the Xbox One and as we look to Cyber Monday, there's no telling what packages might arise to save you money on you Xbox One purchase.  

Have you found some great deals, sales or coupons for the Xbox One? Share them with us in the comments below.