Samsung Galaxy S5 release date rumors are heating up as latest reports are revealing everything from an early 2014 release, to a 16MP Camera and powerful 4000 mAh battery. According to latest reports, the Korean smartphone maker may begin mass production of the next-gen Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone in January 2014. If rumors are true, then we could see the Samsung Galaxy S5 release as early as February 2014. To catch up on latest Samsung Galaxy S5 release date rumors, including possible specs and features, keep reading below.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumors: Will Samsung Galaxy S5 Be Showcased at CES 2014?

With CES 2014 just weeks away there's plenty of buzz as to whether or not the Korean electronics producer will be showcasing some new Galaxy smartphone models. The hope is that, in the glut of electronics technology the company is likely to showcase, the Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Round will be a part of that. Last year Samsung made a show of several new technologies at CES 2013 including YOUM, the flexible display prototype folks can't stop talking about. With the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy Round and the new Galaxy Gear smartwatch being anticipated at CES 2014, it's no wonder we are seeing daily new reports with leaked specs and hardware images for the Galaxy S5. Here are a few of the hottest Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors so far.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5 Hardware Rumors: Improved Processor, Camera and Battery Specs

Galaxy S5 64 Bit Processor - With Apple releasing their newest iPhone 5S model complete with a killer 64-bit processor chip, we can't expect anything less than this same kind of technology in the Samsung Galaxy S5. In fact, Samsung has pretty much guaranteed this would be the case in its follow-up to the Galaxy S4. Speaking with Korea Times, Samsung's CEO, Sing Jong-Kyun, promised that the company's next-gen smartphones would match the power of the processor found in new Apple iPhone 5S as the company recently confirmed the fact that they are working on a 64-bit processor. "We will offer the first 64-bit [processor] based on ARM's own core. After that, we will offer an even more optimized 64-bit [processor] based on our own optimizations," said Woo last week. We expect the Galaxy S5 will be the first model to showcase the 64-bit processor.

Galaxy S5 Improved Camera: In addition to a more powerful chipset, it is also rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S5 might add an incredible 16 MP camera to its specs, boosting picture quality further while possibly allowing the device to shoot 4K videos as well. Samsung led the way on changes to smartphone cameras with its release of the Galaxy S4; therefore,  upping the ante once more in this area seems quite likely. Recently Samsung announced a new CMOS image sensor called the ISOCELL. Isocell, which was first introduced in September, is designed for mobile devices and allows for capturing cleaner, higher-quality images. According to Samsung, Isocell reduces pixel size without requiring larger cameras. This allows more light to pass through the pixels, improving image quality. If Samsung is announcing this kind of camera technology already, it's a pretty sure deal we'll see it as part of the Galaxy S5 specs on release day.

Galaxy S5 Improved Battery - another report which comes from a Korean news source known as Etnews, claims the Galaxy S5 will come with 3GB of RAM and a powerful 4000 mAh battery. With more power and multitasking abilities in a device we always run up against the issue of battery life, so most would hope this battery rumor will prove itself to be true.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5 Frame And Display Spec Rumors: Flexible 5+ Inch Glass Screen and Metal Frame Are All The Rage

Galaxy S5 Flexible Display, Higher Resolution - With each new smartphone that releases, there are always tons of rumors surrounding the screen size. This go around, the rumor that the Galaxy S5 will release with a screen measuring more than 5 inches and a possible 2560 x 1440 resolution are burning hot. The rumor comes from comments made by Samsung's CEO Kinam Kim. According to the Android Community website, Kim was quoted saying Samsung may be working on displays with 560 pixels per inch. With all the other camera and video rumors, an increased screen density seem likely for the Galaxy S5. In addition to the increased screen density reports, we also see rumors that the larger screen will come in the form of a flexible OLED display.

Galaxy S5 Metal Frame - Last week leaked photos of the alleged Galaxy S5 frame were all the rage as this would make the Galaxy S5 the first S model smartphone not to be made of plastic. The Samsung Galaxy S5 frame pictures which emerged last week via, show a plain metal frame measuring 143.83mm by 69.8 mm wide. If these figures are correct, we could be looking at an over 5.5-inch Galaxy S5 model. is notorious for its smartphone model leaks and so it's quite possible these leaks are authentic.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Galaxy S5 Features Rumors: Kit Kat 4.4, Dual Camera Video Chat And Multi Party Conference Call

Of course a Samsung Galaxy S5 release date rumor round-up wouldn't be complete without some mention of specialized software features that Samsung loves dazzling consumers with. Some of the favorite rumors to emerge involve of course the release of the device fully equipped with the latest Android operating system, the Kit Kat 4.4 OS. In addition, many rumors are circulating around new camera features for the S5 to include a possible multi-user video chat. This rumor comes via Pocketnow that cites paperwork filed with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. The documents include mention of a multiparty video chat feature. In the report, it looks as though Samsung could be building on the dual-camera mode that was included in the Galaxy S4.

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