iPhone 6 leaked? Concepts and rumors for the next gen iPhone are beginning to get hot as Apple fanboys look forward to what the company will wow us with in the 2014 release season. Check out two of the hottest new design concepts for Apple's next iPhone, including a 3-sided wrap around screen model. (Photo: YouTube)

Did we just catch a glimpse of the next iPhone 6? Probably not, but these latest iPhone 6 concept designs will have you drooling at the mouth! With the iPhone 5S finally shipping out to the masses it's time for the newest Apple iPhone rumors to get going. This week all the rage has been on prospective release dates for the next iPhone (ranging from April to June of 2014) and a couple gorgeous, yet entirely unrealistic iPhone 6 model designs which some seem to think are a leak of what we can expect from Cupertino next year.


iPhone 6 Concept: 3-sided Glowing Wrap Around Display

This latest iPhone 6 concept by Iskander Utebayev and Ran Avni brings one feature Apple lovers have been hoping for a while now - the wrap around screen. (Photo: YouTube)

The first fantastical new iPhone 6 concept features a 3-sided wraparound display, designed by Iskander Utebayev and Ran Avni. The YouTube video clip introducing the concept features an amazing looking iPhone 6 with a three-sided wrap around glass screen — something that has been a dream of Apple fanboys for a while now. With talk of Samsung developing a flexible screen smartphone model that has a kind of three-sided display itself, you can expect most iPhone 6 concepts and rumors will probably surround the idea of a wrap around display. In the concept design, the device controls are placed on the side for volume, connectivity and other Control Center options. The design, in reality, would likely come with a whole slew of problems if truly implemented, such as greater fragility due to the sides being made of glass, rendering it easier to scratch or break.

Ever since Apple purchased a Phoenix, Arizona sapphire plant rumors of the iPhone 6 releasing with a full sapphire screen have become a part of the regular rumor mill round-up. (Photo: YouTube)

While the design doesn't include any details or imagined specs for this next gen Apple smartphone, many around the web have taken it upon themselves to apply their own. Speculating that the next iPhone 6 would feature a 4.9-inch edge-to-edge screen, the wrap around concept provides an interesting solution to making the iPhone appear to have an even more spacious display. In addition, many have latched on to the rumor that the next iPhone will include a full sapphire screen making it virtually unbreakable.

While all these ideas seem lovely, the prospect of us seeing anything of the sort when iPhone 6 leaks start rolling out is pretty minimal. The price point of such a device would likely be well out of the range that most users would be willing to pay -- as gorgeous as the design may be. Still it's fun to take a look at what graphic designers and iPhone concept makers come up with. In addition to Iskander Utebayev and Ran Avni's latest concept design, here another new concept that has found favor with the Apple Fanboy base this week.

The iPhone 6 Concept: Black Edition

This iPhone 6 concept by Adrian Valenzuela is definitely just a dream as its all glass face borrows heavily from the design of the Galaxy Nexus smartphone line. (Photo: GDeluxe)

This concept, designed by Adrian Valenzuela was posted on GDeluxe.com and looks pretty polished but is also probably not very realistic either. Borrowing heavily from the design of the Galaxy Nexus, the iPhone 6 Black Edition features a slick all-glass front with no physical buttons and charges wirelessly. This design includes some pretty outlandish concepts such as the idea of charge coming from the electrodes in the human body. This iPhone 6 concept was clearly just intended to be for fun. Check out all the photos of the iPhone 6 Black Edition concept here.

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