Did Samsung pay the Apple lawsuit in full with 30 trucks full of nickels or pennies? The Samsung and Apple lawsuit of the century has finally come to a close as a California jury decided this week on the settlement amount in favor of Apple. Though pretty much everyone has heard something about the case and Apple's epic $290 million win, it seems like most people around the web are just buzzing about a false rumor that continues to grow and spread. What rumor is it? None other than the "Samsung paid Apple in coins" rumor. Though the rumor is not a new one, it has resurfaced once again in an article titled "Lawsuit Paid In Full: Samsung pays Apple $1 Billion sending 30 trucks full of 5 cent coins" on the Blade Brown Show blog.

The rumor that Samsung paid Apple in 30 trucks full of coins has been spreading around the web and at unbelievable rate of speed as over the last week we've had more people than we even care to count sending tips about the supposed "epic Samsung troll on Apple." Though the rumor varies a bit, with some claiming the settlement was paid to Apple in 5-cent coins or nickels, and others saying it was paid in 1 cent coins or pennies, the same fact remains: An awful lot of people wrongly believe Samsung was childish enough to send 30 truckloads of coins to Apple as revenge for winning the $290 million lawsuit.

The Samsung paid Apple lawsuit in 30 truck loads of coins rumor got started last fall when a court first ruled in favor of the Cupertino smartphone maker, naming 1.05 billion as the amount Samsung owed Apple. That amount was diminished however by about $400,000 when Judge Koh decided that some of the patent infringements cited may have been calculated incorrectly.

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After another grueling year of court battles, the California jury determined Apple was still owed more by the Korean smartphone maker. Though Apple was hoping to recoup the entire $380 million shaved from the previous ruling, they were pleasantly surprised to be awarded a figure quite close to that amount -- $290 million. This brought the total settlement amount to nearly $1 Billion dollars. Of course with this billion dollar Samsung Apple lawsuit figure floating about the web, it's not surprising that a year old hoax about Samsung paying Apple 1 billion in nickels or pennies would resurface again. This time the story was posted on a blog called the Blade Brown Show, which must be fairly popular as the rumor quickly spread like wildfire on social media and is still trending even now on Twitter and Facebook. It's difficult to know how much longer the Samsung Apple settlement payment hoax will continue to spread, but hopefully soon folks will begin to Google it a little and discover it is in fact false.

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