Samsung didn't pay Apple in 5-cent coins, but the hoax has gone viral for a second time around. Check 5 other hoaxes that have made more than one viral round on the web

The story of Samsung getting revenge on Apple by paying the iPhone maker a billion dollar lawsuit settlement in five-cent coins went viral this week in the social media rumor mill. Unfortunately, the story was fiction. Yep, folks, you can add the "Samsung paid Apple $1 billion in nickels" story to a tall pile of internet hoaxes that have plagued the web over the years. Though the story is still being shared and linked at a breakneck pace, it's actually not the first time the fake report has been passed around. About the same time last year, the Samsung Apple lawsuit settlement hoax started and went completely viral for several weeks. Now it's being recycled again via a blog named The Brown Blade Show that posted last week. In the story Samsung allegedly paid Apple with nickels which were delivered in 30 trucks.

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WATCH: Samsung Pays Apple In Nickels

Why Is Apple Suing Samsung?

So how did the Samsung Apple lawsuit hoax get started? Well, it's complicated. Though Apple and Samsung have certainly undergone an epic battle over the last couple of years regarding patent infringements on key Apple iPhone and iPad features, thus far no exact settlement price has been set for Samsung to pay to Apple. The initial settlement ruling, which would see the Korean electronic company paying Apple $1.05 Billion was nearly cut in half when Judge Koh, who believed the jurors miscalculated the amounts owed, voided $400,000 of the fines, leaving Apple with just $600,000 as a settlement. The two competitors however, are back in court again, with Apple hoping to get $380,000 as a settlement this time coming near to the $1 Billion figure the hoax claims. Thus far however, no payout has been made and so this "Samsung paid Apple in nickels" rumor is completely false.

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5 Viral Hoaxes That Have Recycled Themselves Online

Though the Samsung Apple lawsuit settlement hoax is on its second viral go around, it's actually not the only rumor that's been around the block a few times. In fact, a number of viral rumors that happened this year have been recycled at least one time. Here are 5 hoaxes we've seen return for more than one encore over the years.

Man Sues Ugly Wife And Wins Hoax

The story of a man who sued his wife for having an ugly baby and won turned out to be a hoax just like the Samsung Apple lawsuit payment hoax, but both made a comeback this fall. (Photo: Imgur)

The story of a man who sues his wife for having an ugly baby - and wins - reached epic viral heights last fall, resurfaced again this month, at which time the myth was finally debunked. It turns out that the man, Jian Feng, may just be a figment of someone's imagination as the picture which everyone claimed as the man's family turned out to be an ad for a cosmetic surgery center in Taiwan. To find out more about this humorous and viral internet hoax check out the full story here.

Adam Sandler Death Hoax

Adam Sandler has died more times over the last four years than probably any other actor on the web. His death hoax is another that keeps coming back, just like the Samsung Apple nickel payment rumor. (Photo: Reuters)

Adam Sandler. This guy, god bless him, has died so many times in a snowboard accident, it's not even funny. Each year for the last four years he's died at least once. Last fall we saw Adam Sandler die at least six times, but the fellow's still alive and kicking, and even making a few movies here and there. Check out this hilarious post concerning one of Adam's many deaths.

Morgan Freeman Death Hoax

Just like Apple, Morgan Freeman has had a number of fake stories recycled about him, including a popular one about his death. (Photo: Reuters)

Like Adam, Morgan has seen more deaths than he should have despite his 76 years. In addition to a regular recycling of his death hoax, he's also had other hoaxes surrounding him, including one that went viral last winter concerning an alleged statement he made concerning shooters and shooting like the Sandy Hook tragedy. You can read more about that hoax here.

Facebook Graph Search Hoax

Just like the Samsung pays Apple in nickels fake story, a story about Facebook's graph search infringing on privacy continues to go viral on the web more than one year in a row. (Photo: Screenshot)

According to this hoax concerning Facebook's new graph search and the removal of your privacy setting sis one of the most viral hoaxes on the web, and is continually recycling itself, though it first got started in late 2012.

Jackie Chan Death Hoax

Jackie Chan is not dead but his death hoax has been around the block a number of times (Photo: Facebook)

Another much beloved Hollywood actor who's constantly getting the death hoax pinned on him is this guy. But thank heavens, he's still alive!