Sony PS4 Tips And Tricks are here! Find out how to get the most out of your new gaming console (Photo: Sony)

So you've got your brand new Sony PS4 but still need a few tips and tricks for finding and using some of the functions? No problem! Our PS4 Tips and Tricks list should make a power user out of even the n00biest PS4 n00b out there. Without everything from helping you find your audio settings, to setting a primary user, deleting users, enabling the auto shut off mode on your controller while watching Netflix, or fixing PS4 headphone controller issues, we've got you covered. After roaming around the web we've gathered 21 of the most useful PlayStation 4 settings, menu options and troubleshooting tips and tricks for the Sony PS4 we could uncover. As we find more we'll continue to post them. However, a really excellent running list (from which many of these tips were derived) can also be found on Reddit, so check those out as well.

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PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Activate Voice Command

You can either press L2 or say "PlayStation" on the dashboard to activate a voice command (using either a mic or the camera). For example: Press L2 and then say "Battlefield 4" to go to Battlefield 4 and then "Start" to start the game or say "PlayStation Battlefield 4" to go to Battlefield 4 and then "Start" to start the game.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Take Screenshot

Push and hold the "Share" button to take a screenshot.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Change Long And Short Press Options On Share Button

The Sony PS4 comes equipped with multiple ways to share your gaming experiences. Check out these cool tips and tricks for getting the most out of the PlayStation 4 Share Menu (Photo: Sony)

To change the long press of the "Share" button to bring up the Share menu and the short press of the Share button to take a screenshot, press the Share button to bring the [Share Menu]. Then press the Options button and go to [Share Settings]. Select [Share Button Control Type] and choose [Easy Screenshots]

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Change Recording And Streaming Options

Press the Share button to bring the [Share Menu]. Then press the Options button and go to [Share Settings]. From the [Share Settings] described above, you can change recording and streaming settings.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Start A New Video Recording

A double tap of the share button will start a fresh video recording from that point, regardless of what Share button control type you have set.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Find And Adjust Audio, Volume And Voice Chat Settings 

Push and hold the PS button down to bring a quick menu with volume and other settings (such as device management). Through this you can adjust what audio is sent to the headset jack on the controller, including all audio or just voice chat.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Quickly Switch Between Last Game And App In Use

The PS Home button can be double-tapped to quickly swap between the last game and app in use.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Reset Your PlayStation 4 When It's Hung

Hold down power for 10 seconds

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Set A PS4 System As Primary System

Figuring out how to activate a primary PS4 user has been one trick many are wanting to know. (Photo: Sony)

As long as an account with PS+ has a particular system active as it's primary system, all accounts on that system (16 is the maximum per system) will be able to play online, regardless of whether the PS+ account is signed in or not. To set a PS4 system as the primary system for an account, go to [Settings] > [PSN] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4]. Note: This can also be used to deactivate the system as your primary.


PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To See How Much Time Is Left On A Download

To view the actual amount left on a download and not just the amount remaining before you can start the application, go to [Notifications] > [Downloads] or [Settings] > [System Storage Management] > [Applications] and choose which app or game you want to see.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Enable Controller Auto Shut Off

Doesn't look like controller auto shut off is enabled by default (e.g. while watching Netflix). Can be enabled by Settings > Power Save Settings > Turn Off DUALSHOCK 4 Automatically.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Delete User Profiles

In Settings > Initialization > Delete User you can delete a user profile. I had to do this because when I started mine up User1 was on it by default and I created a new user to sign into my PSN. I probably didn't have to do it that way, but regardless, that's how you delete a user if you have to. 

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Post Videos To YouTube

To get your videos to Youtube (or Vimeo, Dailymotion, phone, etc.)

1) Share them to Facebook

2) Set privacy as public

3) Download Video using any HD Facebook downloader

4) Upload your file to YouTube or anywhere you want it

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Fix Headphone Problems

Problems with PS4 controller headphones not working properly has been a frequent complaint among new PlayStation 4 owners. Find out what tips and tricks can troubleshoot that (Photo: YouTube)

If your 3.5mm headset is not working you most likely have not pushed it in all the way. Once it is in you will hear a firm click and there will be very little metal visible.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Restore or Verify Licenses Without Connecting Online

If you can't play Resogun or any of your other PSN games due to not being able to connect to verify your licenses, go to settings then PSN then there will be an option to restore licenses.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: What Happens To My Game When Netflix Accidentally Starts?

If you start Netflix while playing a game, the game is only suspended. You can jump back into it without having to boot it up again. However, don't allow it to go to sleep while the Netflix app is still on and the controller to turn off at the same time. I have had to do a couple of hard reboots in order to get it working again. Not even the power button will respond and I had to pull the plug.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Change Resolution Of Twitter Pictures From Large To Original 

When getting an image from Twitter, change the "large" part of the url to "orig" to get the original resolution. The different is quite significant: (large) (orig) (Hint: Expand the image and copy the url of the image link first.)

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Start Gyro Control From Onscreen Keyboard

Click R3 when using the onscreen keyboard for gyro control. It's quite intuitive.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Use PlayStation App As Alternate Keyboard

You can use the PlayStation App as an alternate keyboard as well as a secondary device to quickly navigate the PS4 dashboard and menus. For more info, check out this guide.

PS4 Tips And Tricks: How To Change Audio To BitStream

The PS4 delivers audio as an Linear PCM stream by default. If you have any kind of Dolby or DTS sound processing hardware on the other side of the HDMI (or toslink) cable, make sure to set it to bitstream instead. If you have a 1080p display make sure to set the output to 1080p as well, since auto-negotiation could result in an imperfect selection. Very important: Play a BD movie on your PS4 and while it is playing hit the settings button and select bitstream audio there as well. I imagine these Easter egg menus will get rolled back into the settings menu in a future update but for now, if you have a digital decoder in your audio setup, you definitely don't want the PS4 to be decoding your Blu-ray media audio.

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