A number of new Sony PS4 owners were dismayed to find their gaming consoles were broken or bricked on arrival, with a blue screen of death, HDMI ports broken and other woes (Photo: SONY)

Got a brand new PS4 that is broken or bricked? If you received a PS4 this week that was broken or not working straight out of the box, unfortunately, you aren't alone. It seems quite a few new PS4 owners have reported numerous problems with Sony's latest console including a blank black screen with blue light of death pulsing menacingly on the front of the device. In addition, some users have reported problems with the HDMI or fragmented hard drives right off the bat. Meanwhile others seem to think the software update required upon delivery have caused their new Sony PS4s to be bricked or not working. Whatever the issue is, roughly 1 percent of all PS4 owners are now experiencing problems with their consoles, which have led to many hours of disgruntled phone calls to try and get the issue fixed. So far a few remedies to the many broken PS4 issues have been presented. If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned problems with your PS4 being broken or bricked then perhaps give a few of these solutions a try.

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Many reports of broken or bricked PS4s came from those who ordered the new console through Amazon.com (Photo: Screenshot)

How To Fix Broken or Bricked PS4

In some cases it has been found that communication between the HDMI cable and the console is failing, causing problems with PlayStation's output signal to the television. When this process fails, there is no visible output on the television. Here are a few fixes that have been discovered.

How To Fix A Broken or Bricked PS4 HDMI Fix No. 1: Reset the video output on your PS4

Unplug your PS4 and your television
Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI out port on the PS4
Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI input on your television
Plug in the PS4 and the television
Turn on the PS4
The PS4 should automatically detect your set-up. 

How To Fix A Broken or Bricked PS4 HDMI Fix No. 2: Adjust settings

Try plugging your PS4 into another screen so you can access the menu system
From the menu system, go to SETTINGS and then choose Sound and Screen
Choose Video Output settings
You can configure the set up for your display here based on your monitor, choosing from the likes of TV size and resolution
Now go back to your preferred display and try it out.

How To Fix A Broken or Bricked PS4 HDMI Fix No. 3

If neither of these method works for your broken or bricked PS4, then you may be having another HDMI issue as was reported by Katuko. This problem had to do with a broken HDMI port.

"A colleague and I were able to compare it to a second PS4 that did work and we found that the issue was rather simple: the bad unit had a faulty HDMI jack that we couldn't fully plug an HDMI cable into. It couldn't make a solid connection and therefore, apparently, couldn't transmit a stable signal to our TV. We tried different cables and monitors. The issue was with the console."

In addition, IGN noted this fix for the broken PS4 HDMI port.

"As it turns out, a piece of metal in the HDMI port that should have been flush with the bottom of the port was sticking up. This prevented the HDMI cord from being plugged in all the way and damaged each of the cords (in identical fashion) that had been plugged in. The solution was to, simply enough, press the piece of metal down so that it was no longer in the way. With that done, the system now works as it should."

How To Fix Broken or Bricked PS4: Fragmented HDD Or Blue Pulsing Light Of Death

In some cases, the PS4 is having deeper issues than just a piece of metal not being pushed down properly. The issues appear to spring from hardware failure is occurring within the PS4, which is causing the console to be completely unusable. Users experiencing this problem have become familiar with a blank, black screen and a pulsing blue light of death.

While one PS4 user gave the following fix as a way to remedy the fragmented HDD, unfortunately it seems the fix doesn't work long term, and no other fixes have yet been reported, However, if you want to give it a try, proceed at your own risk:

1. Remove the HDD

2. Turn on the PS4 (without the HDD)

3. Turn the PS4 off and Put the HDD back in

4. Turn the PS4 back on again.

5. The system should now boot to the OS.

This will re-format the HDD, so it's best to save backup to USB while waiting for Sony to give a permanent fix.

Have a bricked or broken PS4 you were able to successfully fix? Share strategies that worked for you in the comments below.