Apple released the iOS 7.0.4 update Tuesday afternoon with fixes to bug sin the FaceTime application. Find out how to download and install the latest firmware (Photo: Apple)

iOS 7.0.4 released on Thursday, November 14, 2013 and is said to include fixes for the FaceTime problems iPhone, iPad users experienced after updating to 7.0.3. The latest iOS 7.0.4 firmware update is an Over The Air (OTA) update meaning users simply have to go to their settings menu to find and download the 7.0.4 update.

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How To Download And Install iOS 7.0.4 Firmware Update

The iOS 7.0.4 download size is 37.6MB for the iPhone 5s, so make sure you have enough soace for the update.

You can get this update by going to Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device.

iOS 7.0.4 Welcomed After Numerous Problems With iOS 7.0.3

iOS 7 brought numerous changes including FaceTime updates that allow for audio only calls. However, many users complained of problems with FaceTime in iOS 7.0.3. Hopefully the 7.0.4 update will remedy those (Photo: Apple)

Many users have been anxiously awaiting the release of an iOS 7.0.4 or 7.1 update as ever since iOS 7 released, each incremental firmware update has including a laundry list of problems including iMessages not working, trouble with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, push notifications, Siri, FaceTime battery life and more.

It seems that while iOS 7.0.3 did remedy some issues users were having many - particularly users with older devices like the iPhone 4 — were still reporting intermittent problems with their Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Facetime and battery life.

Here's a small sample of the complaints, which poured into the Apple Discussion forum after the 7.0.3 update released:

"Facetime, iMessage and Push Notifications were working fine on my iPhone 4.Since I upgraded to iOS 7.0.3 Facetime and iMessages cannot be activated because of 'Network error' and every app that supports 'Push Notifications' suggest to 'Connect to iTunes to use Push Notifications' at start. Already tried to 'Reset as new phone' and restore from iCloud without any luck."

"I have an iPhone 4 and having exactly the same problems since updating to ios703. Very frustrated as I wasn't having any problems before the update! I hope Apple fix this very very soon. If anyone knows of a fix please shout."

"Yes same here....its iMessage and FaceTime says waiting for activation...have reset all the settings and restored from back-up all in vain...hope Apple does something to it as early as possible"

"Ever since I got the 7.0.3 update on my iPhone 4 I get the "iMessage Activation: Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again". I can access iCloud stuff using my apple ID fine elsewhere. I received iMessages on my laptop through the Messages app but anyone else who uses Messages has their iMessage sent to my laptop and not to my phone. I used to get the messages both at the same time. I've tried removed the locate iPhone app, reset the network settings, rebooted the phone, reconnected to my Wi-Fi and synched with iTunes. Nothing has worked. I'm getting ready to restore the phone now in hopes that doing that works. Never had a problem with updates till now and while this is annoying at least my data is intact!"

Should I Upgrade To iOS 7.0.4? 

With the 7.0.4 update only releasing moments ago, there is no way of knowing how well the new fixes work or if new problems will arise, but for now, if you experienced problems with FaceTime on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, we suggest updating the firmware right away.