Latest rumors suggest a curved iPhone display may be the next innovation Apple is working on for the its 2014 smartphone models. Check out other hot rumors like larger screens, enhanced pressure sensors, sapphire glass face and more. (Photo: MacRumors)

A curved iPhone 6 may be the next best thing to come out of Apple in 2014, as Bloomberg reported Monday that the Cupertino company may be looking at a curved glass screen for the next iPhone models that release. According to the report, Apple is planning to release two models of iPhones — much like the way the iPhone 5S and 5C were launched together this fall. Both models are expected to feature a curved glass display; however, those aren't the only exciting specs and feature rumors buzzing about the next iPhone.

Citing a source that preferred to remain anonymous, Bloomberg reports that the next iPhone model — presumably the iPhone 6 — will feature not only a curved glass face, but also larger display sizes. Much larger in fact, as both 4.7 and 5.5-inch screen sizes were mentioned for the new curved iPhone models, expected to release in the latter half of 2014.

Rumors of a curved iPhone have been roaming around since 2011 and the anticipated release of the iPhone 5. Here is one design patent for a wrap around iPhone display submitted earlier this year by Apple (Photo: PatentlyApple)

Curved iPhone 6 Rumors Just A Copycat Of Samsung's Upcoming Galaxy Round?

While idea of a curved glass screen coming to Apple iPhones is nothing new as we heard the rumor going back as far as the iPhone 5, to many, the possibility that Apple's next iPhone could include a curved screen, seems like a copycat of Samsung's plans for its next smartphone sensation, the Galaxy Round.

Samsung announced its new Galaxy Round 5.7-inch smartphone last week which would debut with a curved glass screen, and may have been the inspiration for the latest curved iPhone rumors (Photo: Twitter)

Confirming just last week its plans for the curvy android smartphone, the Galaxy Round, Samsung revealed that the device would come equipped with a 5.7-inch 1080p display, just like the Galaxy Note 3. Along with the curved screen, the new android smartphone will also include a number of interesting UX features that specifically utilize the convex design. For example, the curved glass smartphone will allow users to perform actions such as tilting the phone while it's sitting on a table to check notifications, battery life and the time, while also offering tilt-based interfaces for some apps as well.

Apple hasn't revealed if a curved iPhone is really in it's future plans or how it would use the technology if those plans are in the works, it doesn't seem entirely impossible. And while some might think Apple would never get with the program and offer a larger screened device, after seeing a release like the iPhone 5C, we're prepared to believe even the those rumors.

Apple Rumored Enhanced Sensors For iPhone 6 Could Mean A Smart Pen Is Coming

Last month Apple filed a patent for a light sensitive display with enhanced sensors which suggest the company is considering incorporating a smart pen with some future device. Perhaps the curved iPhone? (PatentlyApple)

In addition to curved screens and larger displays, Apple is rumored to be working on enhanced sensors for the next iPhone models, making them more proficient at distinguishing between light feathery touches and harder taps. Just last fall, the Lumina 920 launched showcasing a highly sensitive touch display that could be used even with gloves on. While Apple may have something similar to this in mind, it's possible other options are being consider as well.

Late last month, PatentlyApple revealed that the iOS smartphone maker has filed patents for a light sensitive display that included an improved pressure sensor. Patents for this kind of technology mildly suggest that Apple may be toying with the idea of smart pen for one of its future devices - perhaps even in the next iPhone if increased screen sizes are part of the plan. This would offer a worthy competitor to popular phablets like the Galaxy Note 3.

Sapphire Glass Display Rumors Seem Plausible For Next iPhone

Curved iPhones with full sapphire displays are rumored for Apple's next smartphone model. The use of sapphire crystal was first seen showcased in the iPhone 5S as a cover for the biometric fingerprint scanner (Photo: CultOfMac)

So what other rumors are roaming around the web regarding the next iPhone? Some of October's hottest rumors included that Apple's next handset, the iPhone 6, would likely come with a full HD Retina Display that could be made entirely of sapphire glass. These rumors emerged soon after Apple announced its plans to open a mineral plant in Arizona along with sapphire glass experts, GT Advanced Technologies.

The use of laser-cut sapphire crystal for iPhones was first seen in the iPhone 5S. The sapphire glass covers the surface of the biometric fingerprint scanning home button. This revolutionary feature of the iPhone 5S, according to Apple, "directs the image of your finger to a capacitive touch sensor, which reads beneath the outer layers of your skin to get a detailed print." Biometric technology in the iPhone 5S has now replaced the need for a typed pin to lock and unlock your device. The new security measure, along with the powerful 64-bit processor chip, which debuted in the iPhone 5S, is certainly expected in the next iPhone Apple releases.

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