BREAKING: Twitter IPO Shares Opening Price Between $42-$46: Watch Live Stream Of Microblog's First Day Going Public

UPDATE: Newest estimates indicate a Twitter IPO share price between $43-47.

What price did Twitter IPO shares start at? According to Reuters, the microblogging site Twitter has yet to begin trading, but IPO shares are expected to open at $42-46. The event is being live streamed on numerous outlets and can be watched live here.

According to Reuters reporter Margarita Noriega at approximately 10:04 am, "Reuters Olivia Oran is hearing $44, $45 now" for the Twitter IPO opening shares price.

The first Twitter IPO shares trade is expected to start at 10:30 a.m. ET.

About Twitter IPO

The Initial public offering estimate was first forecasted as $26 a share on Wednesday night bringing the company value to $14.4 billion. If the estimates are correct it would make Twitter the biggest U.S. technology debut since Facebook. Facebook IPO took place just a year and a half ago.

As more information comes regarding the Twitter IPO opening shares price on their first day as a public company, we will update this post or make sure to visit the link above to watch the live stream online of Twitter's IPO.

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Twitter IPO Price Updates And Opinions Via #TwitterIPO


The #TwitterIPO - the ultimate entrepreneur success story.


Must be getting close to #TwitterIPO open. New indication it will start between $45.50 and $46.50. First time we have seen cents in pricing.


I'm keeping a keen eye on the #TwitterIPO. Buy or not to buy? Waiting for the opening price that seems to keep skyrocketing.


"@FinancialJuice: Twitter $TWTR IPO indicated to open at USD 43 - USD 47/Shr; Expected to price at 10:40EST/15:40 GMT"


Bloomberg saying Twitter IPO share price going to be around $45/46. Saying first trade will be between 15-30 mins #TwitterIPO


#TwitterIPO - grey market suggests price of €42.50. That would mean a share price spike, believe there may not be too much volatility


A $45 open would indicate Twitter left around $1.25bn on the table. Such a difficult stock to price, even for the company #TwitterIPO


Twitter IPO still not open for trading yet at the NY Stock Exchange. Looks like opening price will be between $40-50 a share.


#TwitterIPO wall street insiders win if stock runs up today. @twitter employees win if price stays up


#twitteripo grey market suggests price of $42.50. First trade expected after 330pm our time

Twitter goes IPO today at an issue price of 26.00, it hasn't started trading yet, but it is now in the 45 46 range, not bad for the lucky 1s — Martin Rettig (@miner333) November 7, 2013