These kids show two of many disappointed faces you'll see as parents upload their videos to the Jimmy Kimmel "Halloween Candy" prank challenge (Photo: YouTube)

The Jimmy Kimmel "I Told My Kids I Ate Thier Halloween Candy"  prank strikes once again in 2103, with more kids crying and reacting than ever before. If you think Halloween tricks are only for kids, guess again. This year for the third time in a row Jimmy Kimmel has challenged parents to videotape themselves telling their kids "I ate all of your Halloween candy," and upload the response to YouTube. On Monday night during his late night show, Kimmel was found prepping the audience for a horrifying show of just how disappointed little tykes become when they discover their Halloween candy is all gone. And worse yet, it was mom or dad who ate it.

The late-night show comedian prefaced the video by saying,

"You know, for kids... Halloween candy is a sacred thing. For a lot of them it's the first time they ever earn anything. So a few years ago we had an idea for a massive prank parents could pull on their children on Halloween. I asked parents to pretend they ate all of their kids' Halloween candy, record video of their child's reaction and upload it to YouTube with the title 'Hey Jimmy Kimmel I told my kids I ate all their Halloween candy. This is the third year we've done this, and we got an avalanche of responses this year. It took us the whole weekend to go through them, but we did, and we pieced together some of our favorites."

The Jimmy Kimmel "I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy"  YouTube Challenge 2013 runs for six straight minutes as we see kids oscillate through the full range of feeling that come with loss: anger, resentment, sadness, rage, denial, and finally, for some, acceptance. While the entire Jimmy Kimmel Halloween candy prank video should be watched and enjoyed in whole, we picked out a few of our favorite bits and made them into gifs as some of them reach meme-like proportions. Check them out below along with the complete Jimmy Kimmel " I ate all your Halloween candy" YouTube challenge video below.

These little fellows are doing just fine till dad let's them know the bad news. Upon hearing "I ate all of your Halloween candy", these brothers begin crying in unison, "I don't like you ... momma!"

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy 2013: 3 Years Of Making Little Kids Cry (Photo: YouTube)

This is one little princess I wouldn't want to make angry! She's not afraid to let her parents know just how she feels about their dirty little Halloween prank. On hearing that all her Halloween candy was eaten she screams, "No! You ruined my whole day! You guys are just hogs and you ate everything! You hogged it, you hogged it, you hogged it!"

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy 2013: 3 Years Of Making Little Kids Cry (Photo: YouTube)

This guy right here is mad, and he's gonna do something about. What's he gonna do? Kick you. In the butt.

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy 2013: 3 Years Of Making Little Kids Cry (Photo: YouTube)

Another angry little lady who's not to be crossed, looks like she's been taking lessons from a few adults she's seen wearing their angry faces. Pounding her fist and hollering out loudly she lets her parents know, next year they better not eat all her candy!

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy 2013: 3 Years Of Making Little Kids Cry (Photo: YouTube)

Seeing this fellow so disappointed will bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened jokester. Seems mom, could bear this little guy hating on her so she lets him know it was all a joke. To which he replies, "That's not very kind!"

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Candy 2013 (Photo: YouTube)

When this girl hears her parents ate all her Halloween candy, she's stomping mad, but at least she has a sense of humor when the unexpected occurs.

Jimmy Kimmel Prank: Parents tell kids they ate all their Halloween candy (Photo: YouTube)

This two little fellows are giving their parents a harsh reprimand after the prank phrase "I ate all your Halloween candy" rolls out of their father's mouth. Jimmy Kimmel, you are definitely not these fellows favorite guy right now.

Jimmy Kimmel "I ate all of your Halloween Candy" prank 2013 (Photo: YouTube)

Yep, this guy, God bless him, has future doormat written all over him.

Jimmy Kimmel Halloween Cany Prank 2013 (Photo: YouTube)

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Challenge Prank 2013: Parents Tell Their Kids "I ate all your Halloween candy."