Is there a Pokémon X and Y emulator to play the 3DS game on other devices and PCs? If so, where can I download it and is it free? As soon as the popular Nintendo game released last month tons of people began surfing the web for any signs of a Pokémon X and Y 3DS emulator which would allow them to play the game on other devices or even their laptop or PC gaming computers.

While some progress has been made on 3DS emulators, such as a complete dump of the 3DS ROM, at this time no emulators that will work for Pokémon X and Y are available. So what's the hang up you might ask? And who is working on the Pokémon X and Y or 3DS emulator now?

While it appears no one is really heavily working on the 3DS emulator, some work has been done. So far the 3DS software / ROMs have been dumped but that's about all.

But what about all these links that claim free 3DS ROMs and emulators? Can they be trusted? The answer is no. At best, these websites which claim to have the Pokémon X and Y emulators are just scams to get advertising money from ads or getting people to take surveys. At worst, they are malicious websites, which will download viruses onto your device. Do not visit any websites that claim to have a Pokémon X and Y emulator or other 3DS emulator, because at this time there simply isn't one. In fact, according to one member of the underground gaming community,, the 3DS emulator may never come "because we can't gather info on how the device even works, everything has an impossible to break encryption. A 3DS hack would have to bypass the encryption process for custom code to be loaded.The day a functional 3DS emulator comes out could possibly never come." 

In looking around the web I've seen a number of false claims as verified by people who were taken in by these fake 3DS emulators. Here are just a few I've seen posted, though I'm certain there are many more. Make sure to be wary of any of the following 3DS Pokémon X and Y emulators, as they are all fake or malicious.

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3ds Has Been Hacked How To Mod/Hack Your 3DS (one of many fake video claims on YouTube)

In addition, on YouTube you are likely to run into a number of video clips which claim to have hacked the 3DS and provide instructions for a legitimate Pokemon X and Y emulator for 3DS, but like the above links they are also simply there to gather ads or scam people in some way, so it's best not to even watch them. If you want to find out information about Nintendo 3DS homebrew efforts, the forum at will likely have what you are looking for.