Oh snap! Did Kayne West really just diss Michelle Obama because of a Vogue cover? Oh yes he did, and did she have something to say about it! After calling Kim Kardashian more "influential" because of her Instagram "skills," a fictional open letter to the rapper has First Lady Michelle Obama putting Yeezus in his place with all the class and sass that only the saucy wife of Barack Obama could pull off. Except she didn't! But guaranteed, if she read the letter she'd approve! 

 Kayne West Disses Michelle Obama's Vogue Cover Calling Kim Kardashian More Influential

In another of his classic, "Kanye is the kind of guy" moments, the musical artist was found knocking the First Lady down a notch claiming his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, was far more influential than the President's wife. Professing his girl's mad Instagram skills, Kayne claimed Kim was far more deserving of a Vogue cover than Michelle Obama could ever be. And while making radical statements about his and Kim Kardashian's popularity and influence levels in the music, fashion, and celebrity world is nothing new, still, most felt taken aback that the rapper would actually go that far.

So how did the Kayne West, Michelle Obama diss go down? Well, it all happened on Tuesday afternoon as Kayne West was found visiting the set of On Air with Ryan Seacrest fully prepared to bring a new dose of "Kimye" delusional power trip talks that would keep us laughing in our seats until the next big Yeezus moment. In the interview, Kayne West was found working the ropes hard, trying to get Kim a future Vogue cover story. Though Kim Kardashian has been snubbed more than once by the highbrow fashion magazine, it seems Kayne West isn't gonna quit until his lady has had a fair chance at making a cover.

Beginning one of his epically blown up interview rants, the rapper was heard saying,

"There's no way Kim Kardashian shouldn't be on the cover of Vogue ... She's, like, the most intriguing woman right now. She's got Barbara Walters calling her, like, every day ... and collectively, we're the most influential with clothing." (Yeah, like those leather jogging pants?)

Of course Kayne West wasn't finished yet, as the grandest of the delusions was yet to come. At this point the singer decided it was time to cut First Lady Michelle Obama down to size. Taking in a ballsy deep breath, Kayne West continues,

"No one is looking at what [the president] is wearing. Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day," alluding to the very revealing photo of Kim Kardashian in a white swimsuit which left very little to the imagination. The singer then finished by dropping on last name to complete his epic rant: "Roitfeld supports my girl ... so it's to say when we are there and [editor-in-chief of French Vogue] Carine Roitfeld supports my girl, that's a breakthrough ... there's a wall of classism that we are breaking through."

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Michelle Obama Fictional Letter To Kayne West Offers Perfect Rebuttal To Vogue Comments

While Kayne West may have had little cognition of the fact he just laid a major smack down on the president's wife, the fact was not lost on everyone else listening. It didn't take long for people to start talking about Kayne West latest crazy statements all over social media, defending the First Lady against Kayne West's diss.

Michelle Obama herself has made no public response to the Kayne West comments, but it seems a witty young writer for Grantland, an online publication, felt perhaps she should. As such, he set to writing one of the most perfect comeback response ever.

Prefacing the fictional open letter response with "I can only imagine this is what Michelle Obama had to say in response," the writer then pulls out one of the classiest sassiest comebacks of all time. One which Michelle Obama, I do believe, would have been proud to have sent herself.

Here's a few of my favorite excerpts from the piece:

"You know, Kanye, I woke up this morning. In the White House. And one of my aides told me she had something to show me. Something that would make me laugh. A "cute" thing, if you will. It was a series of quotes, Kanye. About my husband and me. About my Vogue magazine cover. And fashion. And classism. They were your quotes. You were the cute thing, Kanye. And my aide was right. It did make me laugh. Oh, what a hearty White House laugh it was."

"Tell me, Kanye, what's your goal with this? Why us? Are you still mad about my husband calling you a jackass a few times?"

"I once overheard ... how mad you get when you're compared to other rappers, because your peers are Jesus and Jobs and Walt Disney. I heard it and actually respected that. It shows you have some drive to be a great man. You should fight to get your respect. I see my husband, the President of the Free World, get disrespected every day. And it tears me apart."

 "As a woman who loves fashion but never sought to be an iconic figure of some sort, I understand where you're coming from. And your frustrations. You're both deeply embedded in fashion, you and Kim, and daring to match, with the man skirts and silly string bikinis."

"Then there's me, a semi-conservative dresser and somehow I still ended up on the Vogue cover ... but next time, Kanye, if we can agree to squash this, I will decline and tell them to ask Kim. Will that make you happy? Will that end classism? Will the inclusion of your born-rich future wife break down the walls that my trailblazing old-ladyness seeks to build up?"

"At the end of the day, who really needs to be on the cover of Vogue for a third time?"

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Of course it didn't take anytime at all for the First Lady's fictional open letter response to Kayne West to go completely viral as people across Twitter, Facebook and other popular social media were delighted for such a smart and humorous rebuttal to Kayne West's ridiculous statements to be made. Here is just a sample of what people are saying about the piece.