General Keith Alexander Interview denies claims that the NSA infiltrated Google and Yahoo data centers(Photo: Reuters)

Did the NSA infiltrate Google and Yahoo data servers, defeating SSL decryption? A controversial NSA presentation slide on "Google Cloud Exploitation," which was in Snowden documents, showcases an amateur sketch that has Google engineers, security specialist and a number of aware American citizen up in arms. The slide seems to almost mockingly show how the NSA allegedly is able remove encryption at a vital point in transmission to Google and Yahoo cloud server. The sketch shows the "Public Internet" and the point where it transfers to the "Google Cloud" to be stored. The drawing then notes that encryption is "added and removed here!" To which the artist has adds a smug little smiley face, celebrating a victory over Google security.

According to an article in the Washington Post, upon seeing the NSA slide presentation photo, two engineers with "strong ties to Google exploded in obscenities when they saw the drawing".

The internet is in an uproar as the leaked Snowden NSA slide presentation shows privacy being defied with a cheeky smiley face (Photo: Twitter)

But now it seems the Director of the NSA, General Keith Alexander is denying that the NSA infiltrated Google and Yahoo Data Centers, as a full interview of the Director will go live on Bloomberg TV Wednesday at 3 pm ET. Here is a short excerpt from that interview currently published.

WATCH: General Keith Alexander Says "No We Did Not Infiltrate Google And Yahoo's Servers"

General Keith Alexander: "I can tell you factually, we do not have access to Google Servers, Yahoo servers ... we go through a court order. We issue that court order to them through the FBI and it's not millions, it's thousands of those done and it's almost all against terrorist and other things like that. It has nothing to do with US persons."

While the General's assertions that the NSA has not infiltrated the data centers of companies like Google and Yahoo, still many around the internet are not convinced. In the words of Maarten Boone a security analyst for FOX-IT, "why does the NSA create slides about non existing operations?"

To which Forensic scientist, @JZdziarski "New NSA policy: Deny everything."

Meanwhile  ‏@MrIvanJohnson23m adds,

"I guess we're starting to understand what @ggreenwald meant when he said the most explosive #Snowden info hadn't yet been published."

To watch the full BBC interview with General Keith Alexander denying claims that the NSA has infiltrated Yahoo and Google data centers, check out the embedded video below at 3pm ET. The share with us your thoughts on his words concerning the alleged privacy breach.

WATCH: General Keith Alexander's Live Interview Denying SSL Encryption Break Through Of Google And Yahoo Data Servers

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