The Syrian Electronic Army of hackers has claimed to have hacked president Obama's Facebook and Twitter accounts Monday afternoon, linking them to a graphic and violent video clip of Syrian terrorist attacks. (Photo: YouTube)

Were President Obama's Twitter account and Facebook page hacked Monday? According to the Syrian Electronic Army, yes. Furthermore, the group is claiming responsibility for hacking the presidential social media accounts.

The hacking of President Obama's official Twitter and Facebook accounts marks the second hack of U.S. government websites to be claimed by the Syrian Electronic Army in 24 hours. The most recent hack of President Obama's Twitter and Facebook accounts which allegedly occurred around 1 p.m. ET on Monday, affected a potential 76 million individuals who have liked or followed the presidential updates via these social media accounts. Once the Facebook and Twitter accounts were hacked, users were directed to a links showing media starkly different from what was described; namely, a disturbing video of terrorist attacks on Syria, by alleged US supported rebels.

On Twitter, users saw President Obama's hacked account tweet out the message "Immigration is a bipartisan issue" with an attached link. Once clicked, the link directs viewers to a YouTube video highlighting how US-backed rebels are committing terror attacks in Syria.

Here are three tweets hackers in the Syrian Electronic Army claim to have posted on President Obama's hacked twitter account, linking to a graphic YouTube video of terrorist attacks allegedly supported by the US (Photo: Twitter)

On President Obama's Facebook page account a similar hack took place which posted a message saying, "Watch the weekly address on Obamacare," but also linked to the Syria terrorism YouTube video.

This screenshot shows a message posted on President Obama's facebook page after the Syrian Electronic army of hackers claims to have compromised the page. The post links to a graphic YouTube video of violet terrorist attacks in Syria (Photo: YouTube)

The hacks of President Obama's Twitter and Facebook accounts came after another hack by the Syrian Electronic Army of a government website just hours before. On Sunday, visitors saw President Barack Obama's presidential campaign website show signs of having been hacked, as the page with the link began directing traffic to an alternate website. The website was called, an appeared to be run by the Syrian Electronic Army.

Once users were redirected, a message would pop onto the screen reading "Hacked by SEA,"

Hours before President Obama's Twitter and Facebook accounts were hacked, the Syrian Electronic Army purportedly attacked a presidential donation website as well. (Photo: Screenshot)

The Syrian Electronic Army made a point of contacting a number of online publications to lay claims on the US government website hacks including Mashable and InfoWars. According to Mashable, the online publication received an exclusive email "sent from an account believed to belong to the SEA." In it, Mashable purports, "the group notified us of the hack, but would not provide details about how it accessed the accounts."

Here is an excerpt provided by Mashable of the alleged confession from a Syrian Electronic Army representative:

"All the links that Barack Obama account tweeted it and post it on Facebook was redirected to a video showing the truth about Syria."

Below we have posted the video, which was linked to the posts on President Obama's hacked Twitter and Facebook pages. We do offer this warning that the 24-minute video is quite graphic and so viewer discretion is advised.

As the story continues to develop we'll be sure to update you.

UPDATE: Link shortener used by the Obama campaign hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

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