While the Samsung Galaxy gear smartwatch comes in a wide variety of attractive colors and sports adequate specs, many customers find it's coming up lacking. What are the reasons nearly a third of all buyers are returning their devices? (Photo: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which released just over a month ago, is experiencing some problems with customer satisfactions as a recently leaked report on Geek.com reveals approximately 30 percent of Galaxy Gear buyers have returned their smartwatch devices to Best Buy. The fact that nearly one third of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch buyers have returned devices within a month of owning them is somewhat startling and certainly is making prospective consumers wonder "What's the deal?" In reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, though we've found it to have a number of pleasant features and decently adequate hardware specs, we noted 8 areas in which the Samsung Galaxy Gear basically failed, leading to buyer remorse and the 30 percent return rate.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #1: Not Enough Apps, Not Working Well Enough

While Samsung boasts the Galaxy Gear smartwacth has over 70 apps, many have low or slow functionality, leaving consumers dissatisfied in their reviews (Photo: YouTube)

Okay, the first problem we have is apps. Samsung boasted the Galaxy Gear would feature over 70 apps on it's September 25, 2013 release date, and while this is true, many have found the apps aren't working all that well. For example, the S Voice app should be able to act as your Android voice assistant does on your smartphone, but the problem is, on the Galaxy Gear it's incredibly slow and not too accurate so it's basically a pain to use, and many will find themselves neglecting the feature all together.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #2: No Twitter Social Media Integration

Though the Galaxy Gear smartwatch will notify you of new twitter notifications, you won't be able to read tweets on the device itself (Photo: YouTube)

These next two Samsung Galaxy Gear problems are pretty much deal breakers to me, and I'm guessing are a large reason many consumers at Best Buy an elsewhere are making so many returns of the new smartwatch. For one, while you may receive a notification that you have a new mention or DM on Twitter, you can't actually read it while using the Galaxy Gear! That's right, the smartwatch will alert you of the tweet but in order to see it you'll have to pull out your mobile device. Bummer, right? This is definitely a case of where ignorance would have been bliss. Better not to know you have a new DM then to know and be unable to look at it.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #3: No Gmail Emails Notifications

The same problem with notifications arises when you go to Gmail. The Galaxy Gear will only allow you to read email message sent from your generic Galaxy Gear email address. This means if you use Gmail, Yahoo or any other mail client you won't be able to read those until pulling your mobile out. For me, I have to wonder what's the point if I can't get the most important thing I need on my smartwatch. The ability to discreetly check my emails and not miss important messages is a necessity, not a luxury.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #4: Poor Battery Life

While the Samsung Galaxy Gear boasts a battery life of one day, when you are talking about a device that is so small and compact, and does so little, it seem kind of a rip off to only get a day's worth of use out of it. By now most of you should be getting a petty good picture as to why customer Galaxy Gear smartwatch return rates are at 30 percent.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #5: Inconvenient Battery Charger

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch requires users have the charging caddy with them in order to recharge. In addition, charge lasts only a day on the new Android smartwatch (Photo: YouTube)

While the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is supposed to make your life a little simpler, ironically it's a little high maintenance. Not only does it have to be charged on a daily basis. It also required a charging caddy and cord in order to do it. While most of us carry around a standard USB charger of some sort, having to bring the additional smartwatch charging caddy along too can prove a but inconvenient.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #6: Only Available For Limited Android Devices

While Samsung is working hard to push the Galaxy gear smartwatch compatibility to more and more Android devices, with 8 reportedly new devices to be added soon, right now the device only supports the Galaxy Note 3and newly added Galaxy S4 on Android 4.3. Though these two devices do make up a sizable portion of Android smartphone users, chances are, a few of those 30 percent returns on the Galaxy Gear smartwatch are due to the fact that it doesn't support their device. Meanwhile, a smartwatch like the Pebble supports a wide variety of smartphones on various different platforms.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Problem #7: Price Is Too High

With all the issues listed above, a number of users might be willing to give the Galaxy Gear a try anyway -- except for the fact that the price point is, well, pricy. Coming in at $300, nearly twice the price of competitor Pebble, people are just finding it really hard to choose the Galaxy Gear over the competition.

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