Bitstrips comics have been irritating many Facebook users as of late. Learn how to block the app from your newsfeed (Photo: Facebook/Wayne Chang)

Have you had enough of the Bitstrips comics appearing on your Facebook homepage? Bitstrips have exploded in popularity over the last few weeks and it seems that everyone has made a comic strip to post to their Facebook page. Now you can ban the comic app from appearing on your newsfeed ever again!

The Bitstrips Facebook app was released last December, but the comic app for the iPhone was officially released last month and given a major update last week to make it more user-friendly. An additional android app was also released last week. According to App Data, Bitstrips has now become the top downloaded app in Apple's App Store and in the Google Play Android store.

Part of its popularity has to do with how easy it is to use the app. Facebook users can simply sign in with their username on an iPhone and began creating the cartoon version of themselves. Once you've adjusted features that include the size of your face, makeup and hair, you can choose from over 1,000 different comic scenes to place your character. Bitstrips is also adding new ones each day, so that number will only increase. Facebook friends can also invite their friends to appear in the comic strip and adjust the text as needed. Once the image is completed, it can be saved and posted to Facebook.

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Blocking Bistrips from your Facebook newsfeed can be done in two easy steps (Photo: Facebook/ Wayne Chang)

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The comic app is even being used as an educational tool. The site Bitstrips for Schools claims that their comics can "get students hooked on reading and writing, motivate them by making homework fun, and spark their creativity." It doesn't seem that many teachers have signed on to that explanation, though, fearing that allowing their students to make comics will ultimately derail learning and become a distraction in the classrooms.

Teachers aren't the only ones who don't want Bitstrips.. Some Facebook users have been complaining about friends who make multiple Bitstrips each day and have them infiltrate their own newsfeed. Others simply don't find the comic app to be funny and want it removed from their Facebook page. Read the simple instructions below, courtesy of Hypable, to find out how you can block the app from your Facebook newsfeed!

Step 1: Click the down arrow at the top right corner of any Bitstrips article that appears on your newsfeed.

(Photo: Andrew Sims/Hypable)

Step 2: Scroll down and select "Hide all from Bitstrips."

(Photo: Andrew Sims/Hypable)