After installing Apple's latest iOS 7.0.3 update many users have reported things not working right with iMessages, Siri, Camera apps push notifications and more. Check out solutions to these iOS 7 related issues here (Photo: Apple)

iOS 7.03 firmware update released and while it has fixed a number of issues for many users, still it seems new issues have emerged causing frustration on the part of Apple iPhone users. Some of the most prominent complaints being problems with iMessages still not working properly, push notifications not working, microphones not responding on the iPhone or Siri not working properly. In addition there have been complaints of the camera app freezing as well. If you've experienced any of these issues with your iPhone since upgrading to iOS 7.0.3, check out some of the solutions we've rounded up below from Apple users around the web or if you know a fix that hasn't been posted, please share them in the comments section below.


iOS 7.03 Problem #1: Can't activate iMessage after upgrade

Some who have upgraded to iOS 7.0.3 have reported problems with getting iMessages to activate - particularly those with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5S. Instead of allowing use of iMessages, users are seeing error messages reading "iMessage Activation: Could not sign in. Please check your network connection" on their device screen.

How To Fix iMessage Activation Problem in iOS 7.0.3

To fix the problem with iMessages not activating after iOS 7.0.3 update, one iPhone user on Apple's help forum suggests this: "Do a full restore to a new phone state followed by a back up of the old profile and finally [you are] able to log in again." Several readers there commented that the solution worked so it may be worth a try.

 iOS 7.0.3 Problem #2 Push Notifications Aren't Working

If all your apps keep telling you to "connect to iTunes to get push notifications" and you just have no clue what to do, some users have reported the following fix working for them.

How to Fix Push Notification Problem in IOS 7.0.3

 Back up your data to the cloud. Erase and Reset the iPhone. Finally, restore from cloud.

iOS 7.0.3 Problem #3: Siri And Microphone Not Working

Numerous people have reported problems with Siri and the microphone or speaker function -- particularly when using the home button to activate and more than one solution has been offered. Here are the fixes that have worked for people so far.

How to Fix Siri and Microphone/Speaker Problems in IOS 7.0.3

According to Apple Discussion Forum user FlaviusJ:

"I went to the Apple Store in regards to this issue and after trying these things, they did not fix the issue.

1. Reset All Setting. (did not fix issue)

2. Reset Phone to Factory default and restored from backup. (did not fix issue)

3. Reset Phone to Factory default and did NOT restore from backup. (did not fix issue)

Here's what I was told by the Genius Bar Employee:

The iphone 5 has at least two microphones. One mic is used while you're using the phone close to your head while a second mic is used when you are using it away from your face (ie. when you're on speaker). The problem reported by majority of above posters is when you try to use the "speakerphone mic" to give commands to Siri.

It seems that iOS7 handles communication differently to the secondary "speakerphone mic" and apparently it doesn't work on some iphone 5 phones. They were unable to find true cause behind this issue and this is just speculation. Either way something did change in iOS7 to cause this. Even though this most likely a software related issue the Geniuses at the Burnaby Apple Store replaced my phone. I really appreciated that!


If the issue is the same as above you will need to make an appointment at the Apple Store to get your phone replaced. Make sure to do this quick while you still have warranty on your phone. But even if you don't have warranty left on your phone I would still go and speak with them, they might just be nice to you.

TIP: Check your device warranty here:"

iOS 7.0.3 Issue #4 : iPhone 5 camera not working after update

A few users have reported issues with the camera freezing on the iPhone 5 after updating to iOS 7.0.3. According to one user, the front camera works initially, but the rear camera shows a blurry image and then freezes the app. Other users have reported similar problems saying that after switching to the rear camera, the Camera app freezes. In addition some users are having issues with Facetime working on the front camera, but not the rear in iOS 7.0.3. According to the users, hard resetting the iPhone didn't help.

How to Fix Camera Freezing and Facetime Issues in IOS 7.0.3

The only solution that seems to be available is to take the device in to a Genius Bar for replacement as some Apple employees have named it a hardware issue. If you are having problems with the Camera freezing then inquiring about a replacement device may be in order.


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