OSX Mavericks mail app and gmail are having multiple problems. Users emails won't delete, mail isn't syncing and folders aren't working. Here's some tips for fixing Mavericks mail and Gmail issues. (Photo: Apple)

Having problems with your Apple OSX Mavericks Mail and Gmail? Emails not syncing? Can't store Gmail emails in folders? Are deleted emails reappearing in Apple OSX Mavericks? It seems, as with any new system, users are reporting a number of issues with the new Apple OSX Mavericks, particularly the mail app not play nicely with Gmail.

Thankfully a few people around the web have discussed the problems with OSX Mavericks mail app and how to fix them. Here are the suggestions given.

1) Apple OSX Mavericks Mail app can't delete messages from the Inbox, or aren't showing up.

OK, this is large Gmail problem that users have been reporting. Basically, they are finding that no matter how hard they try to delete an email in Mavericks, not too much longer later the message reappears in their inbox. Worse yet some can't even see their Gmail messages in Mavericks. There is, however, a way to fix it.

To get Mavericks to delete emails, you have to make sure that Google's "All Mail" folder is visible in Apple Mail. Otherwise, if you try to delete a message from the inbox, the message only disappears temporarily, then reappears moments later. According to a user on the Apple support board,

"It seems like Apple Mail never removes the "Inbox" label from the deleted messages, so the messages just keep reappearing back in the Inbox over & over again."

To get Mavericks Mail to delete Gmail emails, make Google's "All Mail" folder visible to IMAP clients by going to Gmail's "Settings>Labels" page.

Here are some other problems that have been found and reported by concerning Apple OSX Mavericks mail app and Gmail

2) I can receive but cant send emails now with Mavericks Update

Okay so a lot of people have reported this issue and a few solutions have been offered on Apple discussion forum here

3) I can't rearrange Gmail mailboxes in Mail's sidebar

Impossible now it seems. They're always in alphabetical order. This isn't a problem with other account types, or with local mailboxes.

4) Mavericks Mail notification badges aren't working.

Notifications unfortunately appear to be significantly off. Several people have reported that that even after a Mail rule successfully moved messages from the Inbox to another Gmail mailbox, the Inbox unread count still included those messages. So basically you can't trust your unread badges to be correct in Mavericks mail.

5) Mail now forces you to use the default locations for Gmail's Sent and Trash mailboxes.

If you choose another mailbox and choose Mailbox > Use This Mailbox For, the submenu listing special mailboxes like "Sent" and "Trash" will be dimmed. Previously remapped mailboxes may appear empty in Mail, giving you no obvious way to see those messages.) This means deleted Gmail messages will always be permanently removed in 30 days even if you set Mail to never delete them, because it's no longer in Mail's control; deletion is done on Gmail's side.

Hopefully Apple will come up with a way to fix the multiple problems with Mavericks email app and Gmail, but for now we'll just have to struggle through. If you find fixes to some of the Mavericks mail app issues, please share them with us in the comments below so that we may modify this post to reflect that and help others struggling with Mavericks mail app and Gmail interaction.