A live online stream of the Apple iPad event will be available on October 22, 2103. Find out what time and where to watch here. (Photo: Apple)

Apple's iPad event is set for Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2013 at 10 a.m. PT 1 p.m. ET and can be seen via live stream on the Apple Events page. For the iPad event time in your region check the listing below, or to go to the live stream website, click here.

While multiple sources around the web will be providing live coverage of the event, many of you may just be curious what we expect to see unveiled. Which new devices will Apple showcase and what specs and features will they contain. For those who want to get caught up ahead of the Apple iPad Event check out some things to expect at Apple October 22 iPad Event listed below.

Apple iPad Event: What to expect

iPad 5: Specs and Features

Will Apple showcase a new iPad 5 cover at it's iPad event Tuesday? According to ex-Apple employee Jamie Ryan, Apple has been working on “a few different styles” of iPad keyboard covers for a while. (Photo: Screenshot)

OK, so we've heard any number of rumors about the iPad 5 and what to expect concerning the device and tomorrow we expect to see it all in it's full glory sporting the following specs and feature. With the iPhone 5S released just last month we saw Apple launch its newest processor chipset — the 64-bit A7 chip with increased power and performance that have been truly impressive. We fully expect with the new iPad 5 we will see the A7 chip showcased.

In terms of storage we should definitely see the standard 32, 64 and 128 GB models but there is a possibility we could see a 256GB model as it has been strongly rumored throughout the 2013 rumor mill year.

One of the killer features we expect to see in the iPad 5 is the incorporation of Apple's latest biometric technology - the fingerprint scanner. Those who purchased the latest iPhone 5S have enjoyed the security of the fingerprint scanner on their new device and it seems likely Apple will bring the new technology to the iPad 5 as well.

The latest rumor concerning the iPad 5 which has just emerged this week is that Apple could be prepared to reveal a Microsoft Surface style keyboard cover for the iPad 5 which could very well be revealed at Apple's iPad event Tuesday. The rumor comes via Venture Beat who spoke with Former Apple developer relations employee Jamie Ryan. According to Ryan, "I've been speaking to a couple of people at Apple for the last few days, and they have told me that a case for the full size iPad that mimics Microsoft's touch cover has been prototyped ... It's not clear whether the process is far enough along to make this Tuesday's event, but they did say a few different styles had been in testing for a while. This would certainly allow Apple to differentiate the larger iPad from its little brother and market it as the more 'pro' of the 2."

 It's hard to know for certain if we'll see the new keyboard cover emerge alongside the iPad 5, but it's definitely something worth keeping an eye out for.

iPad Mini 2: Specs and Features

A gold iPad Mini 2 may be showcased at Apple's iPad event Tuesday but embedded fingerprint sensor only expected fro the iPad 5. Find out where to watch the live stream of the event here. (Photo: iDownloadBlog)

Okay so the big del with the release of the iPad Mini 2 will be the addition of the retina display, which judging by the rumor mills is pretty much a guarantee. Without an update to the retina display the iPad Mini 2 is going to have a really hard time competing with the new Nexus 7 (and the Kindle Fire HDX 7. Both of these competitors come with 1920×1200 resolution screens while the current iPad mini has a 1024x768 display resolution. With iPad Mini 2 likely coming in much pricier than the competition, it will be essential to provide the display people crave in order to keep them away from the competitors. In terms of other specs, we expect to see the A6 processor inside of the new iPad Mini 2 and the possibility of some color choices such as space grey, silver and the popular champagne gold first seen on the iPhone 5S. One thing we don't expect to see however is the fingerprint scanner coming to iPad mini 2 as we expect that will be reserved for the iPad 5 to set it apart from it's cheaper smaller counterpart.

MacBook Pros

Apple's MacBook Airs have been updated with the new Haswell chips but thus far we've yet to see this technology come to the MacBook Pro line. Therefore, Tuesday's iPad event online live stream will more than likely include some show of an upgrade on the Mac Book Pros and if we have any luck a release date to boot.

 OSX Mavericks

OSX Mavericks was first showcased this summer during the WWDC live stream and several Betas have made their way out there this fall but thus far we've not heard a definitive release date on the new Mac operating system. Maybe though, the Apple iPad event will be the perfect time for that announcement.

Apple Television and iWatch

Both these highly anticipated pieces of Apple technology are not expected to make their appearance during tomorrow's Apple iPad event live stream.

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