IsoHunt shut down Monday, October 22, 2013. The sudden disappearance of the iconic ButTorrent search engine has come as quite a surprise to long time patrons of the service. Though the impending shut down was known about throughout the torrent community, it was not expected for a few more days.

Monday morning, however, we saw social media sites like Twitter and Reddit being flooded with questions concerning the early shut down of isoHunt as many are curious where they can go now to get alternative access to free music, movies and other torrent related materials.

What Happened To IsoHunt? Why Did It Shut Down?

For those who aren't up to date, here is what is happened and why IsoHunt has suddenly shut down. Last week the long-time BitTorrent search engine announced it would be shutting down as part of a $110 million settlement deal with the MPAA. The MPAA, as most know, has been quite aggressive in doing what it can to block or shutdown sites which promote the illegal viewing, downloading or sharing of copyrighted materials and have been key in the shutdown of multiple piracy promoting websites such as Kickass Torrent, Movie2K, The Pirate Bay and more. Though many around the web are saying the shut down won't do any good, still, the decision for the site's administrator to shut down isoHunt is a significant one as the BitTorrent icon has been in operation for over 10 years now.

Will IsoHunt Return?

While isoHunt suddenly went offline this morning, they left behind a message which suggests that though they may be gone for now, it's possible we will see them resurface again.

On the blank isoHunt homepage, visitors will discover a message left by the former administrators:


"This is it. We are shutting down isoHunt services a little early. I'm told there was this Internet archival team that wants to make historical copy of our .torrent files, I'm honoured that people think our site is worthy of historical preservation. But the truth is about 95% of those .torrent files can be found off Google regardless and mostly have been indexed from other BitTorrent sites in the first place. So I might as well do a proper send-off to you dear isoHunt users, before final shutdown sequence on Tuesday. It's been an adventure in the last 10.5 years working on isoHunt, a privilege working with some of the smartest guys I've worked with, and my life won't be the same without this journey. For what I'm working on next, please look up my blog on Google and follow me there. Because as the Terminator would say with a German accent, "I'll be backkk".

-Gary Fung

Though it is unknown what is meant by "I'll be back," it hasn't been especially uncommon to see websites such as isoHunt resurface later under a new domain or name — such as was the case with The Pirate Bay.

Where Can I Get Free Movie and Music Torrents Now That IsoHunt Is Down?

In the meantime, though, many are wondering, now that isoHunt is down, where can they find an alternative resource for downloading or watching movies and music online. As iDesignTimes does not endorse the illegal downloading, sharing or watching of copyrighted materials we cannot suggest an equivalent alternative. However, we can suggest some free and legal resources for watching movies online, posted in the article below.

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