Samsung is now replacing faulty Galaxy S4 batteries after customers complained of quick drain, overheating and swelling (Photo: Samsung)

Samsung has launched a free Galaxy S4 battery replacement program in response to a regular set of customer complaints: the Galaxy S4 battery is draining way too fast, overheating or even swelling. Just this week the Android smartphone maker began offering a free battery trade-in program where users with a faulty Samsung Galaxy S4 battery can get a replacement complete free of charge.

The Galaxy S4 battery replacement program was initiated after multiple reports from smartphone users that batteries just weren't holding their charge, draining within a few hours and, in some cases, even swelling in size. With as many as 30% of Samsung Galaxy S4 users coming into retailers to make returns or get replacement smartphones, Samsung realized it was time to address the problem at hand.

The Galaxy S4’sis a 2,600mAh with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities (Photo:Ubergizmo)

Mobiflip, a German mobile phone site, was one of the first to publicly point out and try to quantify the number of users experiencing problems with their Galaxy S4 batteries, claiming that an estimated 30 percent of users were ordering replacement batteries.

According to Mobiflip, "[Translation] A trusted contact ... confirms that the current reports of faulty batteries with the Galaxy S4 are at about 30 percent. This seems to be unusually high. In our research, we found many users with this problem (see, telecom , Good question , cell phone FAQ or Android Help ), and quickly noticed that most do not even complain and simply order a new battery at Amazon."

Mobiflip reported that rather than complain to the company about battery issues on their Android smartphones, many customers opted to purchase a replacement Samsung Galaxy S4 battery (Photo: Screenshot)

When asked about the Galaxy S4 battery issue by Trusted Reviews, the Korean smartphone maker shared, "We are aware of this issue, which has affected a limited number of customer ... we ask all affected customers to please visit their nearest Samsung Electronics service center, where they can receive a replacement battery for free of charge. We remain committed to providing the best possible user experience for our customers."

Of course battery and overheating issues are often an ear marker of a new smartphone device — particularly when it incorporates new features that put a heavy toll on the device. We know the Galaxy S4 not only features a brand new kind of processor, it is also the first smartphone ever produced with support for LTE Advanced. In addition, there is near field communication (NFC) built into the 2600 mAh battery which allows users to perform non-touch payments. 

One of the Galaxy S4's strongest features is its new and improved camera, containing a 13MP sensor. This is one of many features which may be taking a toll on the battery, leading to overheat, quick drain and swelling (Photo: Samsung)

The Galaxy S4 also features the upgraded 13 MP camera, improved 3D animations and more. Often it takes a little time for newer devices with increasingly more complex features to iron out issues such as battery life, overheating and Wi-Fi connectivity. We've seen that to be the case with Apple's latest smartphone, the iPhone 5S, in which numerous users have reported issues with battery life as well. While these "growing pains" are worked out, often it is the early adopters that suffer.

It is unknown, and Samsung has not currently revealed, just how many users were impacted by the faulty Galaxy S4 battery problem, or if even the problem was specific to a particular model, but either way, the company is remaining true to their word to replace the faulty batteries. If you need to replace your Samsung Galaxy S4 battery, just head to your nearest Samsung service center, where you can receive a replacement battery at no charge.

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