iOS 7.0.2 released to fix a lockscreen vulnerability, however, a new bug has emerged. Find out how to fix the iOS 7.0.2 bug and other iOS 7 probelms (Photo: Screenshot)

iOS 7.0.2 update barely released two days ago, with the express purpose of patching a lockscreen bug discovered in the iOS 7 update, and yet here another lockscreen bug has surfaced again. Discovered by an iOS 7.0.2 user named Dany Lisiansky, the iOS 7.0.2 lockscreen bug was shown in a YouTube video uploaded by the user Friday. For instructions to fix the iOS 7.0.2 lockscreen bug or other iOS 7 problems, scroll to the bottom of the article. 

Utilizing the Siri voice service someone would be able to gain control to users' contacts lists and make phone calls on an otherwise locked device. Although no other personal information can be accessed as was the case in the earlier iOS 7 lockscreen bug, it does raise some security and privacy concern as it renders iOS 7.0.2 users vulnerable to their contacts, call history and voicemails being readily accessible to intruders.

In order to try the bug out yourself, simply follow the series of instructions below or watch the accompanying YouTube video. Or, for those who are concerned about their privacy and security while using iOS 7.0.2, scroll down for instructions to fix the Siri vulnerability until Apple releases a patch for it.

How To Activate 7.0.2 Lockscreen Siri Bug

Step 1: Make a phone call (with Siri / Voice Control)

Step 2: Click the FaceTime button

Step 3: When the FaceTime App appears, click the Sleep button

Step 4: Unlock the iPhone

Step 5: Answer and End the FaceTime call at the other end

Step 6: Wait a few seconds

Step 7: Done. You are now in the phone app


How to Fix iOS 7.0.2 Lockscreen Vulnerability Until Apple releases A Patch For The Bug

Fixing the iOS 7.0.2 vulnerability with Siri and the lockscreen is fairly simple actually. It basically involves disabling Siri access from the lockscreen. This can be done by heading to "Settings," tapping on "General," and then
tapping "Passcode & Fingerprint" settings. From there you should see an option to disable Siri from the lockscreen.

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