H33t torrent site's popular domains, h33t.com and h33t.to, are still down as the torrent site owner prepares to enter a legal battle in hopes of gaining back the seized domains. While the torrent download site is still accessible to some at proxy server H33t.eu, the owner of the site is adamant that his site's domain nameservers were removed without any kind of warning despite claims by the Universal Music Group that notification had been sent concerning violations by the site. NOTE: iDesignTimes does not condone illegally viewing or distributing copyrighted material.

According to the H33t site owner, the Universal Music Group lied about having contact with him and therefore seized his domain unrightfully. When contacted by Torrent Freak, the domain registrar for H33t.com, Key-Systems, shared that while they were forced to wipe the nameservers for h33t from the domain records, the fight is far from over.

"We have indeed been served with a court order granting a temporary injunction requiring us to ensure certain content is not made available," said Volker Greimann of Key System. To that, however, the registrar added that both Key System and the h33t site owner, Shelby, were ready and willing to take their case to court. According to Shelby,  "I am ready to go in person. If they don't already know my name then they truly are disorganized. It was never a secret."

H33t's site owner has been pretty vocal about his distain for copyright holders rules and has even gone so far as to state that he will not take any content offline unless the copyright holders pays "an administrative fee to cover some of the costs".

H33t site's administrator, Shelby, is highly pro-sharing and sees the copyright system as one that is outdated and needs revamping.  In order to express his thoughts about how copyright holders go after sites such as his, he had this to say.

"The enemy is not a person. There is no hive mind conspiring against us to repress us in some Orwellian nightmare ...The enemy is a dinosaur system which might have been good enough to manage an analogue industry of vinyl records and VHS cassettes, but if the Internet has taught us anything it is that the digital revolution is full of surprises and opportunities. The last thing we need is outdated systems and laws getting in the way, holding us back from basically doing what we do best, being social, making friends and improving ourselves by learning and developing new tools."

According to H33t's owner, his case should be an easy win as he believes the law to be on his side.  As DMCA doesn't apply in Europe, the sudden take down of the site was likely overstepping the DMCA's jurisdiction. In addition, H33t's owner believes he can prove that Universal Music Group misconstrued facts while in a court of law. These two factors combined make the popular torrent site owner feel confident he will win his case.

"If I win this appeal and win back my domain then it is because anti-p2p [companies] acted illegally and dishonestly by misleading the court and telling lies."

To that, the popular torrent side added a quote from Plato: "The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men."

At this time no court date has been set and H33t's .com and .to domains are still under seizure. For those who are look for places they can legally stream free movies or download torrents without fear of copyright infringement, please check out the eight sites we found below that support this kind of activity.

Stream Free Movies Online: 8 Places You Can Watch Movies Online for Free

So if you want to legally stream free movies online, where should you go? Here is a list of suggestions.

1. OpenCulture.com - This website has about 400 free movies that are totally legal.

2. Archive.org - Ever heard of the Way Back Machine? This is a project by the Internet Archive Project at Archive.org. In addition to having a slice of the past ready for you to put on your website or post to your Facebook page, they also have a solid database of absolutely legal public domain videos.

3. FineMoviesOnline.net - This site has notices about copyright and public domain fully available. Their movies work fine and they have a clean report from Norton Antivirus posted online.

4. Legalmoviesonline.org - this site claims to offer "The Best Movies And TV Offered Legally From YouTube Official Movies, Hulu, Crackle And Many Other Popular Sites" check it out!

 5. Documantis.com This is a documentary film repository, with a good selection of movies. Categories include everything from politics to religion.


6. Emol.org  aka Entertainment Magazine, has quite free movies to watch online including vintage cartoons to classic sports movies. Classic B-movie horror films and educational documentaries are a staple there. This site also allows for downloading and burning of all content.


7. Google Video Not YouTube, but "regular" Google Video has quite few full length free movies to watch online and though they aren't the newest always you can find some things you might never see otherwise.

8. GodTube.com - Although they are all based on religion, the old favorite, Tangle.com is now GodTube and better than ever. If you want a change of pace, check out this site for all free movie, safe, and legal movies you could want.

So there you have our list of places to watch free movies online.

 Do you know of more resources that are legal? Please share them in our comments section below!