Want to get a gold iPhone 5 before the mid-October delivery date on your online order? Apple's new in-store Personal Pickup support program might be your answer to buying a gold iPhone 5S early and getting it ahead of the rest!

The craze over Apple's newly released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C reached epic proportions this weekend as the company saw over 9 million new iPhones sold in just 3 days. When you consider it took nearly a month for Samsung Galaxy S4 to reach 10 million devices sold, this number is nothing to bat an eyelash at. It seems, though, Apple underestimated the number of fanboys who were craving the gold iPhone 5S as every one in stock around the United States and beyond was sold out within moments of the Apple stores' doors opening. In addition, online orders which began at midnight saw a delivery date pushed back to 7–10 days within the first few minute of sales. Given half an hour, and those online orders were seeing a delivery date of mid-October. At Verizon, the gold iPhone 5S reportedly won't even ship till November 4. And this isn't just on the 16 GB models. It was also the case for the 32GB and 64 GB Gold iPhone 5S.

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That in mind, it appears Apple has received the hint: people love the Gold iPhone 5S! As a result, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company has asked its suppliers to "increase production of the gold-colored iPhone 5S by an additional one-third after seeing strong demand."

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This is all fine and dandy, but it doesn't get you or us that coveted Gold iPhone 5S any earlier. Interestingly, however, it appears Apple has put a new support program in place that might just solve that problem. Maybe. Starting Monday September 23, 2013, customers can possibly get the gold iPhone 5S or any other iPhone 5S ahead of the online order waiting period. The program is known as an in-store Personal Pickup option and allows Apple customers to check iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C availability at local Apple stores. Customers can check for availability by areas, finish, model and wireless carrier. If devices like the Gold iPhone 5S become available, then customers can reserve them for pickup within an hour or so of placing the order. Apple will even send buyers an email once the device is ready to be picked up.

Of course we can't guarantee this method will get you a gold iPhone 5S any earlier, but for those who are tenacious enough to keep looking for options, the Personal Pick-up plan is a good one. Gigacom was the first to discover an in-store pick-up option was coming, and was told by an in-store representative, the Personal pick-up plan is certainly the best bet for trying to receive the highly demanded gold iPhone 5S early.

Have you tried Apple's Personal Pick-up program for ordering your gold iPhone 5S? Send us a comment if you are successful in getting the iPhone 5S early, before the online delivery date!