How do I quit apps in iOS 7? Why is my battery draining so fast? Why does iOS 7 make my phone so slow? If you're having some problems adjusting to iOS 7 and how it works, don't worry, you're not alone. Though Apple's latest mobile operating system update brings a plethora of amazing new features and capabilities, it also comes with a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately for you, we've taken a little time to gather a list of most common problems or questions people have had about how to use iOS 7. We've got everything from how to quit iOS 7 apps, to how to boost your battery life and speed on your device while using iOS 7. Make sure to check out all the tips for using iOS 7 below!

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1) Help! I Can't Figure Out How To Close or Quit Running Apps In iOS 7!

OK. So figuring out how to close apps in iOS 7 has been one of the more challenging this for new users of the system to figure out. In the earlier iOS 6, closing running apps was done by double tapping on the home button and then tapping on the red "x" in the left hand corner of the app you want to stop. However, in iOS 7 the red x has disappeared, leaving users wondering: "how to I quit these running apps?"

How to close apps in iOS 7: Double tap home button. Swipe up, and the app disappears, signifying that it is closed.

2) Yikes! Ever Since I Downloaded iOS 7 The Battery Life on My iPhone 5, 4S Has Gone Down How Can I Stop The Quick Battery Drain On iOS 7?

Battery life issues with iOS 7 — particularly on older devices like the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 — have been a huge concern with users, but there are a number of fixes you can put in place that will increase your battery life when using iOS 7. Here are a few that should help you see a dramatic change in iOS 7 battery life.

Turn off AirDrop 

AirDrop is new for iPhone 5 and above on iOS 7 and is a cool feature in that it allows users to share files and photos easily over the air but it is a battery killer — particularly when in discovery mode. To help increase your battery life on iOS 7, turn the AirDrop off till your ready to use it.

How to turn off AirDrop in iOS 7: Swipe up from your home screen. Control Center should appear. Tap AirDrop and select "Off."

Turn Off Parallax Motion

You know that cool new effect that makes you iPhone screen look 3D when you jiggle it? Once you get done impressing your friends, turn it off — for good. It adds nothing truly useful to the experience and is a huge drain on your battery.

How to turn off Paralax Motion in iOS 7: Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and just turn it off.

Limit Apps Which Download Data

There are some stock apps in iOS 7 that you probably don't care about getting regular updates on -- for example, the stock market app. If this is the case then turning off the regular data updates is a good idea with these.

How To Turn Off Background App Refresh in iOS 7: Settings > General> Background App Refresh. Turn off apps you don't care about getting updates to when not in use.

Disable Auto App Updates

Though having apps update automatically seems like a really nice feature, it's also just one more thing for your iOS 7 to have to monitor and so if you don't mind manually updating apps, turning this feature off can save you some battery life.

How to disable automatic app updates in iOS 7: Settings > iTunes & App Store> Updates and Apps and then turn off automatic settings.

Turn Off Dynamic Wallpapers

iOS 7, once again gives us some fun party tricks for our phones like animated backgrounds or "dynamic" wallpapers, but let e tell you, boy do they take a toll on the battery life! Once again this is a feature that doesn't benefit users in any way except to "look cool." If you don't particularly care about your looks, then turn this feature off and save a ton on your battery life.

How to turn off animated background or "dynamic" wallpaper in iOS 7: Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Choose Wallpaper. Select a "Stills" background or a photo.

3) Wow. iOS 7 Makes My iPhone Run So Slow! How Can I Speed Up The Processing?

This problem is being reported mainly by older device users such as those with iPhone 4 or 4S. As iOS 7 wasn't particularly optimized for those devices, many of the new 3D effects will kill the processing speed of your device. Therefore, to improve the processing speed it's best to turn some of these features off.

How turn off 3D effects in iOS 7: Settings> Accessibility>Reduce Motion

4) Oh Noes! My Spotlight Search in iOS 7 is Completely Gone! How Do I Search For Stuff Now?

Never fear, spotlight search is still a part of iOS 7, it just has a new and improved location. On iOS 6, users had to swipe all the way to the far left in order to search, but now you can do it from any homepage by simply swiping down the screen. Cool huh?

5) Dear God, The iOS 7 Keyboard on My iPhone 4 Is So SLOW! How Can I Speed It Up???

Though it doesn't work for everyone, one thing we've heard is that doing a full reset on your settings will fix this problem

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Hope our iOS 7 tips will help to solve your problems. If there are other features you can't figure out how to use or problems you discover with iOS 7, let us know in the comments section below and we'll try to offer a solution!


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