Nintendo's visionary and former president, Hiroshi Yamauchi, died early on Thursday morning at the age of 85. Having led the company to created amazing innovations and reach remarkable heights for over 53 years, a spokesperson for the company confirmed today that Hiroshi Yamauchi died of pneumonia in a Japanese hospital early on September 18, 2013. The funeral for Nintendo's former president Hiroshi Yamauchi will be held on Sunday, nut already fans of the Nintendo 64, Wii, Gameboy and other fabulous Nintendo creations have begun to share their condolences and fond memories of the man and his games via social media sites like Twitter.

Yamauchi took over the family company, which began back in 1889 as a playing cards maker, after his grandfather had a stroke. During that time he laughed everything from the Game Boy to Nintendo 64 to classic games like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Though Yamauchi left his position as president of Nintendo in 2002 due to bad health, he will always be remembered as the visionary leader he was. 

In the wake of Hirosho Yamauchi's passing, we decided to do a survey of the Nintendo visionary's work and ideas. The results were quite astounding. Though few of us may have realized, Hiroshi Yamauchi was more than just the creator of the Nintendo 64. In fact he had lived many lives as a businessman and had attempted a number of ventures, while also producing more games than many of us were even aware existed. In honor of Hiroshi Yamauchi's passing, we've put together a slideshow of 13 fascinating business ventures and inventions the Nintendo leader was a part of prior to creating the groundbreaking Nintendo 64. Check them out along with some memories from Twitter of the man and his machines. (To start the slideshow click here)

Twitter Responds To Hiroshi Yamauchi's Death