If your text iMessages aren't working after the iOS 7 update or you keep getting the "Waiting for Activation" message, check out these tips to troubleshoot problems with Apple's latest iOS (Photo:Apple)

iMessage not working on your iPhone since you updated to iOS 7? Or maybe you're stuck with the "Waiting for Activation" message. If that's the case, you're definitely not alone with your iMessage problem. iOS 7 released to the public on September 17, 2013 around 1 p.m. ET and since that time iTunes has been a flurry of activity as people rush to update to Apple's latest operating system. Many people, after waiting for what seemed like forever to download the update, finally got it in place only to discover iMessage was not working properly or still waiting for activation. If you are experiencing either of these problems, we're here to tell you, you haven't done anything wrong, but there's not really an instant fix. With so many people attempting to upgrade to iOS 7 on this one day, you can expect Apple is a little bit backed up.

This has led to many a panicked message on Apple forums saying things like,

"My iMessage & FaceTime won't work after I updated to iOS 7. Just says waiting to activate. Anyway I can fix this?"

Though there seems to be no perfect solution, a few people have offered some tricks for getting iMessage to work after the iOS 7 update:

The first solution seems to be to just keep trying. As one Apple forums user posted,

"Keep on trying to activate. I had the same problem but I finally managed to activate it after so many tries."

Meanwhile another user offered this suggestion:

"Go to Settings>General>Reset(it's at the bottom) and hit 'Reset Network Settings'. Fixed it for me, should work."

While some reported this did help get iMessage working after the OS 7 update, still others continued to face problems.

More suggestions, however, were offered such as this:

"I have just completed a full reset and restore and notifications, FaceTime and iMessage are all now WORKING."

The user shared that he or she had gleaned the information for Apple's troubleshooting page, found here: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS4268

If these suggestions were helpful to you please be sure to send us a reply in the comments section or if you've found another way to get iMessages working again after the iOS 7 update or a fix for the "Waiting For Activation" message, we're all ears.

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