Do the Lolly Dance! Yep. Maejor Ali's latest single "Lolly" has just released on Vevo and features a star-studded cast including favorite hip-hop singers Justin Bieber and Juicy J. If you thought "Gangnam Style" and "Twerking" were hot, get ready folks: the "Lolly Dance" may be the next big dance sensation of 2013. With trending hashtags such as #LollyDance, Juicy J, Justin Bieber and more hitting the top trends list on Twitter throughout the afternoon of September 17, 2013, if you haven't taken a look at this latest dance move yet, you should! The video has racked up a ton of views already with people in front of their computer screens already trying to mimic the moves. The new Maejor Ali video "Lolly" features bright candy colors all around as we see Justin Bieber, some lovely ladies and a group of kiddies showing of their Lolly dances, while we also hear Justin Bieber bust into one of his classic rhymes part way through. This latest single "Lolly" from Maejor Ali is fun, fun, fun and the newly invented dance move is catching on like wildfire. Check out some of the comments from Twitter users as they watched Justin Bieber and Juicy J do the "Lolly" for the first time, along with their six-second Vine videos attempting the dance themselves.

Twitter Responds To Lolly Dance By Justin Bieber