A Thai commercial about the power of giving has made it's viral rounds on the internet getting over one million views on YouTube in the first day. Watch it and see why everyone is in tears! (Photo: YouTube)

A commercial from Thailand about giving has started making its rounds over the Internet as so far it has viewers in tears! Starting on Reddit Thursday under the title "You Cry You Lose" the TrueMove H phone company has gone all out creating a dramatic masterpiece to drive home the message that "giving is the best communication." The video is barely more than 2 days old and already it has racked up a million views on YouTube.

In the three-minute commercial, we see a young Thai boy in a market place that gets caught stealing painkillers. As the storekeeper berates the young boy about stealing her merchandise, a soup seller at a nearby booth comes up to the boy and asks him if his mother is sick. The boy reluctantly nods yes. The poor soup seller then pays the woman the price of the painkillers and then calls to his daughter to bring the boy some veggie soup to take home. The girl rolls her eyes in a manner that lets us know, this was nothing new with her father.

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The Thai giving commercial continues as years pass and the soup seller is seen giving his wares to the homeless and others in need of nourishment; until the day he falls down in his shop of some unnamed illness. The veggie soup seller is rushed to the hospital and after his time there the girl is handed a bill for 792,000 baht or about $25,000. The girl is clearly distraught and unsure how to pay the bill. As the commercial progresses, however, we come to a scene with the girl at the bed of her dying father and a note is found beside her. The girl opens it to discover an updated hospital bill, this time with the balance showing 0 baht. The debt has been paid with a note from the young boy who had been helped 30 years earlier by her father. Now the boy is presumably a successful doctor and he has paid the bill in full for the kindness and giving nature of the man so many years before

WATCH: TrueMove H:Giving Commercial

The three-minute commercial included not only excellent acting but also such a powerful theme, few who watch it have been able to keep a dry eye. After taking a viral turn on Reddit it soon ended up in all the regular internet go-to spots like The Huffington Post and Gawker which adamantly declared with their title that "This Three Minute Commercial Puts Full-Length Hollywood Films to Shame."

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While most who have watched the film have had nothing but positive things to say about it, some viewers saw it a bit more cynically. In the words of viewer, Neetzan Zimmerman,

"This is the most f'd up and offensive video I've ever seen. Anyone who knows anything about giving knows that you don't do it to wait 30 years to be rewarded - it takes about 2 f'ing seconds ... What worse example for giving could there be than an industry that steals from people at every step of life and systematically lies to and abuses its customers in collusion with the government and insurance companies? All this to promote some kind of communications company?"

Still, most who saw it felt the Thai phone company commercial was a great reminder of the good giving can do, and how one small act of kindness can lead to great returns -- both in the lives of the giver and those who were the recipients of the kindness. Take a look at a few of the comments cropping up on Twitter as the Thai telecommunications commercial continues to make its viral rounds.