An iOS 7 jailbreak for iPhone, iPad and iPod is already in the works folks! With iOS 7 GM barely more than a few hours old, we saw @planetbeing, member of the Evad3rs jailbreak team, tweeting some very hopeful messages about the team's progress on an iOS 7 jailbreak.

It's been a long six months since the Evasi0n iOS 6.0-6.1.2 jailbreak was patched by Apple, and after waiting nearly half a year for the last jailbreak to release, many have feared cracking the new system may take equally as long. To see @planetbeing tweeting so quickly about work on a jailbreak, many in the community were overjoyed that progress towards jailbreaking iOS 7 on their iPhones, iPads and iPods was happening. I have been speaking with both @Pod2g and @Planetbeing over the summer about their plans for the future jailbreak, and while both admitted they had begun some work together during the April HITB conference in Amsterdam, the team hadn't really looked at it much since.

WATCH: Evad3rs Press Conference at Hack in the Box 2013 Amsterdam (HITB2013AMS)

About a week ago, however, @pod2g informed me they had picked up the work again; but he added that, "the road would be long." I spoke with @planetbeing a few days before the iOS 7 GM released and this is what he said:

"As for iOS 7, the evad3rs are slowly waking from hibernation and are looking at it again. I think our total periods of working on a new jailbreak were a few hours after HITB Amsterdam, and then a few hours the other night ... But the pace will build ... I personally like to wait until the GM release of OSes before looking at them in earnest."

Perhaps it's all the recent business with @Winocm's possible iOS 6.1.3 untethered jailbreak or the craziness that surrounded @UnthreadedJB, but it seems the Evasi0n jailbreak guys are pretty revved up to get going if they are tweeting "jailbreak progress" on the day of iOS 7 GM's release. A constant reminder I always issue, of course, is that despite the tweets from the Evad3rs about their work, it would be foolhardy to expect an iOS 7 jailbreak even a month after the public release of iOS 7. After all, a brand new device is releasing — the iPhone 5S — which will come with a number of new security challenges of it's own. Even @Pod2g spoke of these challenges on Twitter yesterday.

As the guys discover new challenges iOS 7 presents and are able to share, I will be bringing you updates on those things. Another thing to remember, however, is that not only is iOS 7 a drastically new system, we also have to consider that a new iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 will likely be releasing in the next month or two. With three new devices on the horizon, and the upcoming HITB conference in Malaysia at which Evad3rs team members @pod2g and @pimskeks will be presenting, the next few months will be a busy time for the jailbreak team. The takeway here: be patient! :)

In the words of Musclenerd at last year's HITB panel in Malaysia,

"I think it's unfair to expect a jailbreak on the .0 release of anything coming out of Apple. I think there are some things you wait until the .0 release to make public, but I think a lot of times .0 releases bring in so many changes you to sit back and see where you are before making anything."

What's encouraging, however, is that the team is united and already at work. With some of the brightest minds in iOS jailbreaking working together, there is great reason to feel positive — even if the road will be a bit long. For now, hang tight and keep an eye on the Evad3rs as they are truly our safest bet when it comes to the next jailbreak for iPhone, iPad or iPod.

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