The iPhone 6 may compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 if the 6-inch screen rumors prove true. Check out how the specs and features might compare. (Photo: YouTube)

Is Apple's iPhone 6 trying to get 6 inches of  "phabulous," to compete with Samsung's Galaxy Note 3? Latest rumors suggest Apple is looking to go large, testing out a variety of screen sizes for the iPhone 6, including a model with a 6-inch display. Wow. If you never though Apple would bring an iPhone that even reached 5-inches, then these latest rumors are sure to surprise you. Perhaps though, with the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which is pushing the envelope on screen size to a whopping, 5.7-inches, Apple is finally feeling the pressure to offer consumers something a little bit larger.

It seems these days Apple is making a lot of compromises to please the masses. We've already learned this year that Apple plans to release a budget iPhone 5C, which is said to come with a plastic casing in multiple colors. In addition, the company has completely revamped iOS 7, making it virtually unrecognizable to those who are accustomed to iOS 6 and earlier.

So where did these latest rumors concerning an iPhone 6 with a 6-inch screen come from? The reports come  from the Wall Street Journal which claims that, "The electronics giant [Apple] has begun evaluating a plan to offer iPhones with screens ranging from 4.8 inches to as high as 6 inches ... a sizable leap from the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5 released last year, and ... would be one of the largest on the market".

Indeed, we're still having a hard time picturing a 6-inch screen on an iPhone 6 as the iPad Mini is only a little larger with a 7-inch display. Though no one should expect to see screen sizes like this on the iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C, which have a rumored release date of September 20, 2013, the following Apple release season may become quite interesting.

The Wall Street Journal adds that it is uncertain if Apple will be looking at a multi-size offering strategy for its next crop of iPhones or if it is testing various screen sizes to come up with one they think will be most agreeable to iPhone 6 consumers.

For those who are interested in how the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy Note 3 might compare, here's a quick overview of Samsung's Note 3 specs alongside rumored specs we've hear for the iPhone 6.

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Galaxy Note 3 Specs vs. iPhone 6 Rumored Specs


Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6: Operating System Specs

The Galaxy Note 3 comes equipped with the latest Android operating system, the Jelly Bean 4.3. If the iPhone 6 were to release sometime in the spring of 2014 as some reports have suggested, then it is fairly likely that the new iPhone would run the iOS 7 firmware. Though the firmware is set to release this September 2013, the good thing about the iPhone 6 coming in 2014 is that it will get a version of iOS 7 with all the kinks worked out.

Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6: Network Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 supports up to a 4G connection depending on the carrier. The one advantage Apple's iPhone 6 will have with its later 2014 release date, will be a possible 4G LTE connection — regardless of location or carrier. This would be due to a new chip Intel has been working on which may allow Apple to create one single iPhone 6 model that could roam on all LTE carriers around the world. This would certainly be advantageous if the company is capable of securing the chip from Intel for its next iPhone 6.

Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6: Processor Specs

The Galaxy Note 3 is coming equipped with a LTE 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor or 3G 1.9 GHz Octa Core Processor depending on the market in which it is bought. The iPhone 6, however, will most probably come with the A8 chip, which will be the first Apple chipset not created by Samsung. Apple signed a contract in 2013 for a new producer of their chipsets to begin in 2014. We don't know of course how this will affect the performance of the Phone 6, but the hope is the change will be a positive one. We've heard rumors that the iPhone 5S processor, the A7, may incorporate 64-bit support, which would allegedly speed up processes by 31%. If that is any indication of possible improvements, we're liking it!

Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6: Storage And Memory Specs

The Galaxy Note 3 comes equipped with 32/64 GB, microSD (up to 64 GB) and3 GB of RAM. The iPhone 6 however, has been rumored to push the storage envelope all the way to 128GB of internal storage. Not much more has been said about this recently but it is a number frequently being thrown about in discussion of the iPhone 6 storage possibilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs. iPhone 6: Camera Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes on release day with two cameras. The main rear camera will sport a 13 Mp camera, with a BSI Sensor, Auto Focus and Smart Stabilization. The rear camera also has an LED Flash(High CRI), and Zero Shutter Lag. For the front camera, we have a 2 Mp camera BSI sensor with Smart Stabilization, and Full HD recording at 30fps. The iPhone 6 will at least meet the competition with a 13 Mp camera while a dual flash has been rumored for the iPhone 5S and slow-motion camera that captures 120 FPS.

In looking at a comparison of the two, it's really too early to make a decision as nothing has been solidly declared concerning the iPhone 6.  However, rumors of Apple looking at a larger 6-inch screen size for the iPhone 6, may cause those who have been on the fence about the Galaxy Note 3 as their next phablet device to hang tight a little bit longer and see what Apple cooks up for the iPhone 6.